"Pastors and the Mind Games" - Written by Apostle M. Christopher Wilson

If a Person has not thought about a particular act of sin and has to listen to a pastor teach a 45 min message on it they are more likely to be tempted in that area.

Not to say we should not teach on sin, but what did Christ teach? He said the enemy comes and finds nothing in me. Now we know Christ was sinless, but he was tempted in all areas. So what he was really saying and teaching us is that we need to be aware of sin and its effect, but dont allow the thoughts of sin to consume you to the point you are tempted give in. Remember, as a man thinketh so is he!

You can't get to Sin teaching on Righteousness, so why would you think you can't get to Righteousness by teaching on Sin. Teaching on Righteousness is the only thing that leads to righteousness.

Talking about Sex produces images in the mind and so does preaching on sex. Pastor have to be more care to understand the mind thinks in pictures. What pictures are they planting in the minds of the people they minister to that is hurting them more than helping.

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