A young pastor was killed outside Atlanta GA.,this week by the FBI. as i read with horror the account of this tragedy,the HOLY SPIRIT brought to my mind the reality @ least THREE PASTORS have been MURDERED this year alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's past time to make some noise about this,it is time to intensify the wailing and prayer between the porch and the alter,it is time to get to the unity of faith for real, for real. i KNOW i am not the only watchman on the wall, i am sounding the alarm,i am NOT happy about this,i am NOT rubbing my hands with glee,shaking my head,pointing my finger and saying i told you so,
that these things would come....yes, GOD even uses my mouth to pronounce these things,but thank GOD for the HOLY GHOST which keeps me on my knees fighting the good fight of faith,praying that we will make peace with GOD,waging effective warfare against spiritual wickedness in high places,praying and fasting that we will cast off every weight and the sin that so easiliy beset us ,that those of us that are spiritual will restore a brother/sister considering ourselves....YES, I am my brother/sister's keeper,i don't want another pastor,teacher,prophet,apostle,evangelist,minster of reconciliation,stolen because i did not stand my watch,
when we [warrior /solider of the LORD] go down on the battle field let it be our time and not that of the thief.
what are your thoughts ?

more than conquering in HIS nmae

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Comment by PASTOR B. on January 2, 2010 at 11:44pm
You are in deed a mighty warrior of God, I thank God u chose to receive me as a friend. I will cover you as well in prayer, because u r a warrior. Lve u Pastor B
Comment by Pastor Michael Samuels on December 9, 2009 at 8:00am
WOW! We are living in the end times.
Comment by Evelyn Blacksher on September 6, 2009 at 2:43pm
Bless you Prophetess, the alarm is indeed RINGING/SCREAMING in the spirit. in march '09 i awoke with tears streaming down my face, yelling to the top of my lungs WOE! WOE ! WOE!! WAKE-UP ZION !! WAKE-UP ZION !!! PLEASE, WAKE-UP
Comment by Prophetess Samantha Gwehi on September 6, 2009 at 2:20pm
There was also a Pastor murdered in Arkansas last month I believe. She was killed INSIDE the church which she Pastored. The alarm has been sounding but some Christians are so preoccupied with other(senseless)issues that one of two things have happened 1. They heard the alarm,pressed snoozed and rolled back over(ignored) or 2. This alarm is one that rings in the spirit, so because they were not in the right place spiritually, they couldnt hear the sounding. God gave me something in the spirit a while ago as with so many things that He gives me, He puts a title to it " Oh the state of man." He was talking about the state of mankind and the wail in heaven that we as the reflection of Him in the earth are supposed to be interceding for. Not only have we dropped the ball, we don't know what direction it went ! There must 1st be unity in the Body, this is the enemy's number one tactic- to keep us divided. The problem with some, is that we STILL see the body as seperated, we still fail to see that the body is one unit. A person can indeed function with one arm missing, but often times not as effective. The enemy his crossed the line in the dirt(I did say a Pastor was murdered in her church, right ?), and passed the first lick. What are we going to do; it is our move.

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