Please pray for my best friend
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Date: 13.07.2010 20:30:05
Subject: VS: Prostate Cancer has spread
From: Dag Roerbakk []
Subject: Prostte Cancer has spread
My name is Dag Rørbakk. I am 54 years old and work as an Assistant Professor in Norwegian litterature and language at Tromsø University. I am also leader in a volleyballclub, BKT, witch are playing in top divisjon in Norway.
For one year ago they discoverd an unormal change in my prostate at the University Hospital in Tromsø. But it was first one year later I June 2010 I got it checked out at the same hospital, and the conclusion now was Prostate cancer. So fast as possible I am going to surgery at radiumshospitalet (the main cancer hospital in Norway) in Oslo.
Yesterday (12.July 2010) I arrived Radiumhospitalet, and the MR-screening today made it clear that the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes nearby the Prostate. This means that I have to get hormonal therapy combinated with radiation therapy. Therefore there will be no surgery.
I hope you can pray for me so that Jesus can take the cancer away from me, and make me work for him.
Yours sincerly
Dag Rørbakk
Apostle Per Einar Jensen
pray for my best friend

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