Please saints of GOD, let us NOT forget the reason for this season we ALL call Christmas.

Many of my readers asked me to actually break this message down for those of you that might be reading this, to shed the "Light of the Truth" about this day we call christmas.

So, I decided I would first shed light on the darkness that crept, while we spiritually slept,  over time into this blessed holiday that we are truly suppose to be celebrating for someone so, so, so special that is in MY life as well as my heart. JESUS CHRIST The Son of The Living GOD.

I would like to first ask a question that I would like for you to answer to yourself.

What if you and your family and friends was getting together to have a BIG birthday celebration for you, and all at once, some stranger come from out of nowhere and everybody that was at the party forgot about you, but, start turning the WHOLE celebration on the total stranger who they really DON'T even know???????

How would you feel about that situation???????Think about it???

Another question. We ALL teach our children to ALWAYS tell the truth, sometimes even if it hurts, right??????? Well, why do we as parents LIE to them, until they find out the truth for themselves??????? Don't this make us HYPOCRITES in their eyes after they have found out the truth(2Tim. 4: 3-4)???????

Now to get on with this message, I want to first start with the BIGGEST LIE in the world today. SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!! Yes saints, we are ALL guilty as charge of this BIG LIE that we have told over, and over, and over again to our little innocent babies and children, and we will ALL have to stand accused on judgement day for this LIE, unless we turn back to The Truth in JESUS CHRIST. We ALL need to have our tongues cut out of our mouths for such wicked evil acts against our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST who died on a cross to save every last one of us that have and still is breathing HIS breath of life in this dark demonic world that HE(JESUS CHRIST) have rescued us from, if we stop playing in the devils hand, and being ignorant of his(the devil) devises, one of them is LYING saints. Yes, no matter how little or big YOU think that it is, it still equals a BIG LIE!!!!!!! 

First of all christmas is suppose to be the commemoration of JESUS CHRIST's birth into the world, remember this now, HE(JESUS CHRIST) is the TRUE reason for this season and holiday(which is a holy-day) for ALL that profess to be christians which is followers of HIM(JESUS CHRIST) and HIS doctrine which is The Holy Bible(KJV). So, why do we practice and celebrate a LIE which comes from the father of lies which is the devil(John 8: 44). Please, let he/she who have a ear, hear what The Spirit is saying to the church which is YOU who is reading this message and proclaim JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and SAVIOUR, or is "the wicked one" of this world(the devil) your lord and saviour??????? How can a people like this(liars) escape the damnation of HELL(Rev. 22: 15)???????

There have NEVER been any man that have owned or had a deer of any kind that could actually fly around the world in one night. No. Not a white man, black man, red man, yellow man, green man, or blue man, going into people's chimney and giving out gifts, what happened to the fire that is suppose to be burning??? I am a slim, but, fit man, and I wouldn't think about going into someone's chimney, because I would NOT fit. Well, what about a fat old jolly man??????? (The more I write, the more amused I become with this whole stupid LIE we as parents and grandparents had concocted, all for the sake of amusing our children).


But, back with the lie. Santa= if you take the (n) out the middle and place it at the end, the name spells= Satan. WOW!!! What a coincident!!! Now Claus= if you placed a (e) in the back of the name= Clause which is defined: (a distinct article or provision in a contract, treaty, will, or other formal or legal document). Now if you place the names together as they really are you have Satan Clause= A deal with the devil. What deal??? To LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and even KILL on this holy-day that is suppose to be celebrated for The True Honoree of This Day=JESUS CHRIST which is The TRUTH against satan=A BIG LIAR. Sometimes we ALL need to do some research before acting on anything(not just stay in tradition). Are we Pharisees? That's surely acting like them. Well, one lady told me that this day is about a man called saint Nicholas or St. Nick as some would say, even still, St. Nicholas DID NOT go to the cross for NO ONE, even if he would have, he would NOT have been a acceptable sacrifice for the sins of the world to a ALL HOLY and PERFECT GOD(THE FATHER) in Heaven. Worship (GOD)JESUS CHRIST NOT St. Nicholas saints, and teach your children the same. We DON'T worship Paul, Peter, James, or John and these men suffered many things even horrible deaths and wrote books of The Holy Bible, so let's NOT practice worshipping and praising a LIE before GOD's face on a day that is HIS(JESUS CHRIST), HE (JESUS CHRIST) truly suffered on that cross for you, NOT satan clause, (ooops excuse me), I mean santa claus...:). 

Okay so we still need to know what do christmas mean??? The answer is below.

Christ= Christ which is the Saviour of the whole world(all who have sinned and come to HIM and repent, accept the sacrifice(gift)=(JESUS LIFE dying on the cross for us all), and as our LORD and SAVIOUR and that HE is The Son of The Living GOD, and turn to HIM(JESUS CHRIST) we shall have eternal life with HIM in HIS Kingdom to come(Heaven)(John 3: 16-21).

Mas=the celebration of the Eucharist=Eucharist=THE HOLY COMUNION+the consecrated bread and wine used in this.

Now this have NOTHING to do with some mythical fat jolly old man placing little children on his lap asking them what they want for that day, and he will supply it, or flying around the world giving toys and gifts to all who have been nice and not naughty. The MERCHANTS(store keepers) of the world have a GREAT DAY on your GREAT LIE that you continue to practice and teach your children. And the children as well as YOU yourselves have learn to become (WANTON) on or close to that day because you have been program by the enemy(the devil) to be so. Now, do that sound like followers of Jesus Christ???????NO!!! It is NOT!!!!!!! I am not saying that it is a great sin to exchange gifts with family and friends, let's NOT make this a first priority and please let's NOT give someone else JESUS CHRIST's praise and glory. The GREATEST gift that we can give JESUS(because HE have alread gave us life) is ALL of our time, with reading HIS WORD(THE HOLY BIBLE), worshipping and praising HIM(JESUS CHRIST) and only HIM, coming to the fullness of HIM in spirit to be just like HIM(JESUS CHRIST)(Ephesians 4: 4-16). Let's cut santa claus the GREAT LIE out for good saints, and turn totally to CHRIST=CHRISTMAS.


I hope and pray to my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST that this message have helped everyone that have read it to come to HIM(JESUS) which is The Light that shine in this dark demonic world, but the world cannot understand The Light. But, many that will receive That Light(JESUS CHRIST) will be given power by HIM to become sons of GOD, even those that believe on HIS(JESUS CHRIST) name(John 1: 1-14). 

Be blessed in our LORD JESUS CHRIST saints and have a very Merry Christmas. Amen.


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