Praise the Lord, I hope you find your true place in God after this revelation of who you really are. Before I get started my only source of instructions is the bible I don't believe in stealing any man SERMONS. I'm not a Pastor but God has laid his church in my heart deeply so I'm very concern with the way we present ourselves to the people that isn't saved. Do you remember that scripture that saids; Who made you believe a lie instead of the truth and why do you stand in jeopardy every hour. You stand in jeopardy if you think your better than somebody else. So what you went to college; Thats good. But don't down somebody because your far ahead; This was on my heart too that so many people want to feel spiritual so they use Gods name (JESUS) to make that person huh see that their spiritual but the devil is a liar; Don't use his name because the way you feel, I know God does speak and he talks clear for you to understand him but if he didn't tell you to say it don't say it. Tell that person Man or Woman I see the path your going down and I don't like it, But we can't use Gods name loosely like its a new word.; We should only use his name when we are in distress and there isn't another way out. When you feel bad and you don't know what else to say, Say the name of Jesus and he will see you through I'm a witness. We should no how to handle our anger, what we say come out of our mouth and when we are in public. Matt 6 the whole chapter tells us how to live if we do that we can be saved. Its not what you ware that gets Gods attention is it? and you can pronouce your words real good with out having a speech promblem and you can Preach and shout. We act like this is the NBA, I'm Micheal Jordan and you can't play no ball. No doubt Jordan is the best player ever, Is that how we act in the church? I'm better than you, you can't do this but I can. You better change the way you are. The last time I remember Jesus was and is the Best preacher that ever steped out of a womb.
To be continued....

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