power is outstanding in it's own way but once god step's in an take control people dont know what to do b ecause god has just put an fresh ANOITING upon you that mskes you speak like never before and see god has a building but it's not inside of a church but it's innside of this building....... which means god has open an upfill vessel so no ye not that your BODY is the temple of the holyghost in other words let me prophetcey to you god is planning a great blessing and the finacuall issues and health issues, habbit relate issues will com e to pass for god will provide a new limit of econical exchange an i know im just a teenager but god said its time for you to stop worrying about what people say and thank all the hatters for all they lies, the times they scandelize your name,an more but god has 1 thing to say to u be heal for god will bless you in the hour of power so stay in the word because you'll never know when god will show up and showe out..... see if you want god to dry your tears he getting ready to dry your teasrs if you want god to put a smile on your face he getting ready to put as smile on your face if you want god to heal your body he getting ready to HEAL your body if you need god to lay hands on you he getting rready to touch you if you need god to provide for you he getting ready to provide for YOU yes he will he wants you to thank those hatters that talk about you to make you greater;

god bless, child of god in the word

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Comment by lavonne child of god grier on August 27, 2010 at 12:29pm
god has spoke some thing powerful for me to tell you

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