Greetings, I pray that you are all having a wonderful day in Yahweh. This is the day that the Lord has made; REJOICE and be glad in it.Enter into the Lord's Gates with hanksgiving and praise.... the Lord alone in worthy of all.. the praise.. O Come on and lift up the MIGHTY Name of Jesus. The Name that is above all.. Names. Glory To Your Name Sweet JESUS!

Congradulations President Obama.

A Prayer For Our President

Heavenly Father, I come before the Throne of Grace with a Humble Heart. Asking you to forgive me of the sins.. that I have committed againdt thee. Father, In the Name of Jesus! I ask that you wash me in the precious Blood of Jesus. Search my heart Father, and whatever you find with-in me, that is not of you, take it out in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Heavenly Father, I Love You, I adore you, and I honor you, I give unto you all the Glory, Praise.. and Honor. You alone are worthy. I Love You Lord Jesus.

Heavenly Father, I come to you tonight lifting up the Name of President Obama, Father You know Him by name, and stain of Hair,you fearfully and wonderfully made him in your image, Thank You Heavenly Father. Father, I pray that President Obama will continue.. to depend upon You for wisdom, knowledge, and give him the courage to do what he knows to be right according to your word in the Book of:( 1 Timothy 2:2). I pray Father that he would reject all counsel that violate Christian spiritual principles and that he would trust You Lord Jesus to prove him right according to your Word in the Book of: (Proverbs 4:5) I pray father in the Name of Jesus. that he would resist those who would pressure him to violate his conscience and that by Your power, Lord Jesus that he reverse the trend of socialism and humanism in this nation.

Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus, I ask Lord that President Obama would be ready to forsake his personal ambitions and political causes, if to do so would be for the good of the country. Father, help him to rely upon prayer and the WORD of God for his source of courage, strength, and wisdom for decisions in his daily walk. Father, in the Name of Jesus, please guide him and let him listen with his heart and soul to those whom You have appointed him. Father, help the Presedent and the State Department and others to no longer continue to urge and require Isreal to give up any of their God-given land according to the old Testiment (Ezekiel 11:17). Help them,

Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus. Father, I ask that You remain the most important influence of our Presidents life and his decisions regarding the leadership of our country. The President Obama will praise and adore You Father. That he will act wisly, that he will live a life of intergrity both in private and in public. Heavenly Father, In the Name of Jesus. I pray that President Obama will keep his heart right with You and man that he would repent of sin and fight against it and that he will hate and avoid pride, evil talk, and slander.. According to the Book of: ( Proverbs 8:13). Father, I lift His wife and Children before you, Protect them keep your angles camped around the Family in the Name of Jesus. Lead him Lord Jesus, to be remined daily that he is accountable to Almighty God for this position, and for the way he handles himself, for the decisions he makes will influence not only this historical time, but also the future of the world. Father, Lord i ask that you abide with President Obama, to always hear YOUR VOICE, in Jesus Name I pray.. Amen and Amen. My Beloved, rememeber to continue.. to keep President Obama and his family lifted before the Throne of Grace. There is POWER! in Prayer....
Agape and Shalom Be With You,
Tracy Lawanda
Servant of the Cross/Prayer Warrior/Certified Chaplain

My Motto:
"A New Morning is a new beginning.. to get it RIGHT."

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