Professional Lynching
Professional lynching your hands were not black
You waited so long to stab a knife in my back
You took it to the highest level
I know your father he is the devil
You think that you have gotten by
I see hatred and relief in your eye
A young black man you were glad you killed
You took his life but not his will
It lives in all of us you see
And you will never abolish me
That right my soul you snatched away
But did you first sit think and pray
You said if I could eliminate
The young black race their backs I’ll break
But wait a minute did you think
Of Doctor Martin Luther King
You took his life or so you thought
But for it all of our freedom you bought
His body may be in the grave
But for it we got better days
See in the White House is Barack
And you didn’t give a second thought
But his blood still flows in our veins
And we’re still singing let freedom ring
From the mountain top of Stone Moutain Georgia
All the way to Sanford Florida
We will never be destroyed
For our heart s are overjoyed
See our missions they run deep
Harriet Tubman stood on her feet
When Trayvon could not find his way home
The blood of Sojourner Truth led him on
His mentor’s murderer is not of you
But of those you never knew
You got away but you’ll never get by
Soon you’ll look God in his eye
Our mission you will not abort
But we will continually move forth
To do the things that must be done
Till the setting of the sun
elaine taylorbrown

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