Where you raised by a pedophile? Have you been led astray or deceived by “Christian leaders”? Alternatively, have you had an encounter with Jesus? Or would you be embarrassed if Jesus was to come to find you not living for Him in spirit, and in truth? Are you a gossiper, hypocrite, caddie, vein, envious, scandalous, the lustful, the foolish, the disobedient, the racist, the confused, prophet liar, or prophet lied to? My book is for the jail bird, free, physically ill, sick souls, unforgiver, and the prideful. Additionally, are you tired of the gang life this book is for whomever. It is for the absentee father, mother, the cheaters, the other woman, singles, and married. My book cross sends age, gender, race, and nationality. Hear what the Lord has to say to you through my new book, Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice. You already know where to purchase it, love you all. http://amzn.com/1448618266

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