Open vision
I saw what is called an “open vision” of what seemed to be a “land field” or “war zone”. I sensed the presence of the Father’s children looking at the remains of a destruction that happened and with great concern as to how vulnerable they were to more attacks from the enemy. I sensed the number present (or going through trails) was many, but they needed direction as to how to cross this area of devastation in their path, and to know how to get to safety. The debris on the ground surrounding them was black with soot and there was a great tree that was felled before them and I saw The hand of God hewed out to hollow the insides of the felled tree and a way was made, the voice of God said, “I have rebuked the devourer for your sakes and I have made a way where there was no way and the way was called “safe passage”, “Through to the other side”. God said, “ As your enemies search for you, they will not see you until you have emerged safely on the other side of this destruction.” For in the times of trouble I hide you.

Then another word came to my heart saying, “ I will give seed to the sower,
The Lord shall give to those who purpose in their hearts to sow for the work of carrying out the gospel, a great seed (money amount). God says “know the ground that you sow into, for this seed is for the great harvest that shall surly manifest: After you sow then a hundredfold return shall manifest to meet the multiple needs in your own lives and ministries, I send the money to answer all thing. I am thinking green; a time of growth and multiplicity. I prune to grow: this is a time to prepare for growth and multiplicity.

Apostle/Prophetess Wanda Fletcher

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