Quoting the Scriptures from the book of 3rd John 2, Dear friends in the Lord, I pray that in 2010, you may enjoy good health more than enough and that all may go well with you, even as your Soul is getting along well, we have entered into the year which no one had experienced before, except God, so that is why we have to get closer to God for him to view what is ahead of us within the year, to me God has revealed as a year of more than enough and I could hear from some right Men of God the same way. This is the time or moment or season that we have to take the word of the Lord in season and out of season, as am writing this, I saw in the realm of the Spirit, God is laying His Hands on some people to empower them to do His work,exploit,somebody is agreeing with me the same way. Last year, I did layed my hands on some people and they indeed recovered, how much more, God laying His Hands on people.
Somebody reading this message, its time for you to prosper and be in good health or good condition, if you are to put Air condition in your room, how do you feel? God wish every one to put Air condition in his /her room, Church, Business and every setup within this year. This seems to be impossible and I learnt from Luke chapter 1:37, for nothing is impossible with God. Jesus one time saw the people and said to them in the book of Mark 10:27, you are saying it is impossible, but not with God, for with God all things are possible. Now lets go back to the main message, its goes like this, many are the things or challenges you have gone through and you have come out of the challenges School and now some few, you are still facing, am hereby to help you come out of the rest, because there is no School you wouldn’t granduate,so your School of challenges ,you must granduate.Months,days and years are graduating them selves, so its your turn to granduate,you can’t prove to me that this is where you will be, you must graduate by force in Jesus name.,welther in marriage,job,education,Ministry and many more. Example; somebody told me they can’t sleep, and they told me all the story why they can’t sleep the whole night, and I asked the Lord what to do, and He said to me, I should inform them that they should bath the baby girl again, because the baby was sick, and immediately they did that, that was the end of the story. Knowing the people that you tell them your story,welther they can undo you or do you, they all came to Church yesterday to testify.So while I was applying for my National I.D Card, I saw two nice Women, latter there was their mother ,She gave me direction to their house, She didn’t know ,I was a Man of God, not knowing they are going through, so many problems, like Naaman going through so many problem, but they did not know that Naaman was going through so many problems. So at the end of the day,Naaman finally got clean, as he saw Elishia,the same way the whole house got delivered and they told me that they had a dream that a Man of God came to their house, my coming there was a comfirmation,I believe that this message will be the same way to you. This people not that they haven’t been to Church, but God choose me to be in their lives, as God as chosen me to be in your live as you read this message, so everything in your live must change or turn around for better.
Somebody came to me and said, Man of God, God has used you to prophecy to my life, that in three days time you will have a job, it did happen or came to pass, and he brought somebody whom Doctor said must have to be operated, and I gave him direction to go and buy me pure or voltaic water and as soon as he brought the water, I prayed over it and he drank it, he went back to the Doctor for test, and the Doctor said nothing was found.
They brought one mad women to the Church and was held by strong Macho Men in a Car, they brought her to the Church and the whole Family were crying, and they hid her in one of the Church room, with strong Men holding her in other for her not to disturb the Church and after that, I got to see her in the Church room, and I sacked all the Family member from the room, even the mad Woman want to naked herself, I got there and I layed hands, nothing happens, then God gave me direction how to apply it, so I did, I told the strong Men to leave her, God as finished, so she fell aslept for some time, after she got up, she sang a Glorious song in English, she was a very nice woman, that was why the whole family were crying. Same way you may be facing some problems, call the Man of God today, Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah,welther you are in over seas, every problem has a way to solve it.

Some Man had a court case and he came to me, he was to be jailed, the case as been since February 2009, and the final case was 18th December, 2009, he came to me and I said, trust and believe God, and I gave him some direction by telling him, if the magistrate or Judge, if he has not sin before he should put him to jail. He could not judge him, he was set free, and now he is a member of the Church. So contact Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah.
Some body came to the Church from afar, he had eyes problem for three years now
And I gave direction and he received his sight, Glory and honour be to the Lord. I pray that this year somebody may also receive his/her testimony.

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