1. If you posses the mind of Christ, then you are going to know that you are sent into the World to accomplish Christ mission in Jesus name.
2. The Joy of the Lord is your strength in Jesus name.
3. Jesus would not had said in that last verse, my joy may remain in you, he expect that you would have joy and gladness and that your joy may be full in Jesus name
4. Jesus has a lot to say about you (JOY) since you posses his mind you need to agree with him in every area of your Life in Jesus name.
5. If you keep my commandments you will abide in my Love, just has I have kept my Father’s commandment and abide in his Love, this thing I have spoken to you that my joy may remain in you in Jesus name.
6. The devil would do his best of every beat of your Christian joy, but remember that it is Jesus joy that you have and nothing can’t stop it, your Father can’t stop it your sister can’t stop it, your ministry can’t stop it in Jesus name.
7. What ever you ask the Father in my name he will give you, I Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah commission you to ask today, until now you have ask nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full in Jesus name.
8. Christians should never run along with long faces, but you should be full with the joy of the Lord at all times in Jesus name. Even right now prayed for such a big cup full of joy, that you will instantly bless you with joy in Jesus name.
9. Gory to God that you are surrounded with a shaild, because God’s favour is upon you, therefore, you have got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in your Heart in Jesus name.
10. If you can just get your spirit man so in tune with the word of God, you will believe in Anointing of God, you will believe in the Glory of God, and you will see things you have never see in your entire life in Jesus name.

1.You read this above seven times in a day, after you have finish reading it seven times in a day ,lay your hands upon it and declare whatever you want God to do for you, by faith you will see it coming to pass in Jesus name.
2. Every one who is reading this must call the name of Jesus seven times in a day, giving him praises or expressing him up to seven days, that breakthrough or miracle you are expecting you will see it coming in Jesus name.
3. If you need a promotion get your Bible and start reading, half of the whole book Psalms, and after you have finish reading that book of Psalms, you are there and that promotion will drop on you.
4.Take water full glass and lift it up, and declare upon it, as am about to take this water in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, may every thing in my system be wash out in the name of Jesus.
5.In your time between the hour of 12am to 3a, awake and pray at list one hour in a day or more, if only you can pray in tongues, then tell God to close the door of your enemy and you will see it coming to pass in Jesus name.


1. Yesterday, I went to a place to see a prophetess, because she was sacked from where she do have church service. the landlord called her and said he want to sacked the whole people where they are doing church service, so, I prayed almost an hour, and the spirit of the lord told me to ask her for an Anointing oil to anoint the place, so the Lord said I should hit he ground with the bottle of the olive oil, and the Lord told me that the fire as already be taken place. So today, the land lady came there and said take the whole place and do what ever you want to do with it. The prophetess called me right now to confirmed thie, even though she had no money, Jesus is the root of every thing and this shows that God can do all things or you need somebody to help you pray to God, like Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah.

2.One member of my church, power life prophetic ministries, was there when i gave the direction about sand, Isaac seem to be my son in the lord and I took him as an orphan, taking care of him and school all, glory be to God about that, just last week, he told me that his mother was sick, and after I have settle him to go, he took the sand there, immediately he got there the sickness was gone and the mother called me, and even the mother called me, to thank God for what the lord has done. And she said to Isaac, there plot of land have been taken from them and Isaac said he has the solution to it noe, meaning he has come with the solution, he said mum show me where the land is, and they got there and he put the sand some there and this is faith, and immediately the boy put the sand there, a confirmation came that they should come for the document of the land, while this was taken place, Jesus was there but it did happen. Like the direction I gave last time one sister in the church, she brought Anointing oil and I prayed, and some body who could net walk, and as soon as he uses the Anointing oil he started to walk. We give God the glory that is why we need to give God the highest esteem.

3. Yesterday, testimony from USA. A certain woman from USA, after the spirit of God moved while praying on the phone, the power of God descended that she started confessing, by the grace of God, she confess so many things and I my self was shocked, because she has allow her self unto God, if some of us can also do so, we may be free and free from every challenges that may be facing us. If you are there I pray that the spirit of God will move you now to make sure you will also be in the same stage to get closer to the lord in Jesus name. To remind you not to forget, Lord Jesus I need you in my life more than ever before, I need you in my ministry, in my work, radio station all area of my life in Jesus name. If you want to accept Jesus Christ as you lord and personal savour,who ever you are, say this with me according to first John 1:9,the Bible says he is faithful and just to forgive all our sins and he says if we say we have not sin, it means the truth is not in us, lord Jesus, I have accepted you as my lord and personal savour,and prepare me to your own glory and let me live for you alone in Jesus name I call it done.
Satan you have no right upon my life till Jesus comes in Jesus name, Amen.

Everyone is welcome to send his/her prayer request and support to the above mentioned person/Ministry, or
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Box 55,James Town, Accra, Ghana,
West Africa.
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Remember, Jesus is the answer to every problem in this World, please don't dulg, be under the Umbrella of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Note: We take this opportunity to pray for the Ministers/Churches, Bishops and their Wives, Business Men and Women, Presidents in each Country, and Families all over the World.
By Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah.


1. God is your healer, so be healed in Jesus name.
2. God will put non of this diseases or trouble or challenges on you which he has allow to come upon the Egyptians in Jesus name.
3. God is your Healer, Doctor, Physician and your every thing in Jesus name.
4. God’s Words in you will promote your healing in Jesus name.
5. The amount of God’s words in you will produce the result in your life in Jesus name.
6. God has seen your tears, surely you will be healed in Jesus name.
7. Healing is for you in Jesus name.
8. Test or examine the rest and whole of your body and see what the Lord has done for you in Jesus name.
9. Take your healing/miracle in a special way in Jesus name.
10. Thank you Lord, because you knew here was the answer, in Jesus name

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