PROSTITUTION IN THE CHURCH (Who came up with this idea?)

This is not directed to anyone (But if the shoe fits :o) wear it)!

This is a response to a forum on a network I am apart of. The topic was preachers who charge thousands of dollars before they preach: (as you may tell I got a little heated)

Now this is such a serious topic. I was going to post something similiar but didn't get around to it. I pray everytime before I minister that if this is where God wants me to be that he will make a way for me to be there. I have travelled to outside of the states and I promise you this, I did not have a place to stay nor food to put in my mouth everyday (at home). I had $4 dollars to my name. People would say, well you shouldn't go unless they paying you! What in the heaven? (I was bout to go there). But how in the world am I going to charge somebody for what I did not pay for?? How does that happen? When I come to deliver the word be it through prophetic dance or prophetic word, I am there on assignment. If I have to break my back to get the word to these ppl then I will. Why? Because if I let pride get in my way then the blood of those ppl are on my hands. Needless to say the Lord provided a way for my to get down there. Even the people that called me ignorant for going still gave me money. Lets just say I came back with $400 more in my pocket. People just wrote checks in the middle of me ministering. I did not even ask for a cheeseburger!! I packed noodles for this trip. That's how determined I was to release what God had given me. I would get sick to my stomach everytime I would try to change my mind about going. You want to know why you only get $30 or whatever? Ask God if you were supposed to be there? Just because ppl were shouting and jumping all over the place don't mean you were supposed to be there. you just gave them an emotional ride. Hello somebody! GET BACK ON YO FACE! REPENT! Now if this don't scare the mess out of you, for you to get back in order, then I don't know what will. Matthew 7:21-23 verse 23 being the key verse. Be careful that you are not being successful at the wrong thing. It is biblical to sow into the lives that bring forward what the spirit is saying. But when you put a demand on it, is when you are in the wrong. If the church never gave you anything can you walk away without a grudge, knowing that what God has spoken through YOU may have saved just one life? Does obedience count for anything these days? But if you have disagreed thus far..Please, when you go preach don't say God sent me to give you this word if you have charged the church. So say for instance God gave you the word and they wouldn't pay you...Then you decide not to show up...YOU are being disobedient, or either he didn't give you that word. Anybody can read a scripture and shout it loud through a microphone. But were you in the right place?
Do you remember the day you got saved? The preacher that delivered that word...
Or what about the day you came to church and you were on the verge of committing you remember that preacher....didn't it seem like he was there just for you on that day, that you may live and not die? What if he never came, because the church didn't pay him. And you went home that day and killed yourself. That's your blood on his hands. How? Because he was supposed to be there. It was in order for him to be there at that moment. He was ordained to be there. Now what if it was your child sitting in the pew of another church...but the preacher decided to let his pride takeover and not show up and deliver that word for your son or your daughter...I would be upset that the one who was sent to help my child was too selfish and now I have to bury them. You may's not that deep...oh yes it is!!!One last thing before I go. HOW CAN YOU CHARGE FOR WHAT YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR? In this day and time we call that PROSTITUTION!!!

This is what one preacher posted:

"Wow.. this should really open a can of worms. LOL
I will only say this. I betwixt and between two opinions. I know many stories like this but I will just use this one to plead my case. I was asked by a pastor to come and preach at his church. The church was 2 hours away from my city. I got there and preached an on time word for the house... (people got up and testified of it) and raised a good offering of over $3000 * and I didnt pimp the people to do it.*

When service was over this pastor wrote me out a check for 60... count them $60 and said God bless you. That didn't even cover the gas I spent coming there and going home... much less my cleaning bill for my suit... or a chicken dinner for the road.

it is this type of mentality that has created the breeding ground for the travesty mentioned above. I have no quams with preachers being blessed but not at the expense of the name of Christ being downplayed to the name of a popular speaker.. By no means am i throwing stones at big named preachers. But when we have systems like the guest speaker takes home half of the offering, it encourages some to pimp the people to make sure they get their "fair share" ok ok I digress.. but i guess what i am tryin to say is if pastors would handle travelling speakers with integrity and be led of God in the seed that they hand to that speaker, we would have a lot less of the mandated money thing and the word can be preache freely. "

Umm....did he say his darn chicken? See what I mean? And ya'll call me crazy? LOL!
Then he said be led by God...What if God led him to only give you $60? To let you know that your worth is in HIM and not in man!!

I would really love for someone to argue this matter with me! GO FOR IT!

Now for those of you who have business selling products that's fine, that's your business, but for the negros that want to sell a prophecy? What the world? You bout lost yo mind!

Much love,
I am up for any response. I ain't scared :o)

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Comment by Rev. Kareem A. Christian on March 20, 2009 at 2:57pm
I pray that preachers would bring integrity back to preaching... what happened to the times when preachers preached because of the anointing was so heavy on their spirit? what happened to the times when preachers just burned to preach and it didn't matter how many were in assembly or where they were preaching at? I pray for God to send preachers who has a heart after God and a heart for the people and work of the ministry...

I preached for a whole year and everytime they gave me an offerring I gave it right back to them... preaching is for the edification of the saints and to bring souls to God... not for self glorification or money...

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