Life only bring a few chances for us to success
Spread abroad with a dim light of hope that I can do this or that
Funny how you think you have something down to a science
And find out this game of life have already mastered you.
How did we allow fear to lick us so closely?
That made us stuck in the same position for years
No, these are just the facts of life
But the truth is “I Will Make It”!
This is not just a saying but what I live by
I’m not trying to become, or in the process of becoming…..
The truth is that greatness is already inside of me
He is my sleeping giant but must be awaken
Awaken, by my pain my disappointment
I ask myself what I do when life has dealt its best hand
Then I answer with all my strength I’m still standing because im born with a purpose
Because of my purpose I won’t fail, I won’t be the last, seconds aren’t good enough
My purpose allows me to love again, dream again but most of all Live again.
Most fight to get to the first place in there lives
Never realizing that first place is inside of our soul
It’s the place that south of the mind and northwest of your chest. (Heart)
Yes we fight, some of us with guns, some with knifes
But to that special one that fights with a pen.
I wanted to awaken your giant, soothe your pain, and calm your fears!
For you have already found me
Your purpose!

Tony Burns

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