What is a dream? A dream is something that we’d love to accomplish. It’s something we have become passionate about being, doing or having. A focus so sharp, we can actually visualize it happening. A dream is our purpose or life mission. The moment we make up our minds to pursue the dream it becomes a goal.

What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. You have to be able to see it before you can receive it. You have to set a target date for making your dreams come true. But leave room for adjustments. Life happens. So, you must always be willing to get knocked down but don’t stay there. Get back up, dust yourself off and get back in the game of life.

Prior to becoming the CEO/founder of Totally Healed Counseling and Training Center I worked as the director/program coordinator for the Columbus County Literacy Council, a non-profit organization that helped adults improve their reading and writing skills. During my tenure at the council I was honored when asked to be the keynote speaker for their annual prayer breakfast and fundraiser. When I inquired about the audience and what kind of presentation they were looking for told, “Something motivational”.

That was right up my alley. I love motivating and inspiring people to be all that they can be. It’s what we were born to do. Every person has the potential to do great things. Sometimes it just takes someone remind you that you were born to win and the Creator is counting on you.

In my talk I shared with the audience what keeps up from pursuing our dreams, where dreams come from and how your mind is your greatest asset. For years we’ve heard that what you can believe you will achieve. And that’s true. Everything that we do positive or negative starts in the mind. But did you also know that fear can be your greatest barrier?

Dr. David Ireland, my former pastor and senior pastor of Christ Church, a non-denominational 5000 member church in Montclair, New Jersey where the congregation is comprised of people from all races, creeds and colors and over 25 different nationalities. Is a visionary and in one of his sermons he told talked about the reality of fear. He taught us that fear is nothing more that false evidence appearing real. Think about that. The f stands for false; the e stands for evidence; a stands for appearing and r stands for real. Even though there were times in my life that I was afraid. I thought about his sermon and realized that he didn’t say we’d never be afraid. He told us the truth about fear- It’s false evidence appearing real.

Many times the things that we are afraid of never happen anyway. Oftentimes we don’t have tangible proof to prove that the thing we fear will happen. But even if it does take place, there is a reason it did. Nothing just happens without a reason. It’s the law of reciprocity. We reap what we sow. In other words, if we are dealing with consequences for our choices or the choices of others, there is always a lesson to be learned. Our job is to learn the lesson and then choose to move on. Don’t keep going around the same circle, going nowhere fast.

In other cases we become fearful just because that’s what we’ve learned how to do. But when you have a dream and a purpose you will go after it shaking in your boots. You will learn how to move from a place of fear to faith. Many times people want to walk on water, but they’re afraid to get out of the boat. You really can do the thing that you set your heart to do. You have to believe in a purpose greater than yourself. If you want to do great things in life, get out of the boat and leave fear behind.

The dream is not just about you. You are the channel through which the thing that is supposed to happen in the earth shall come to pass. Dreams are bigger than you. Dreams are bigger than me. Yes, it will bless you, but it will also be a blessing to those around you. Pursue the dream. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Choose to pursue the dream. Believe in it, believe in yourself and believe in the dream giver.

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