19 My dear brothers and sisters, pay attention to what I say. Everyone should be QUICK to listen. But they should be SLOW to speak. They should be SLOWto get angry. 20 A man's anger doesn't produce the kind of life God wants. 21 So get rid of everything that is dirty and sinful. Get rid of the evil that is all around us. Don't be too proud to accept the word that is planted in you. It can save you." ~James 1:19-21 (NIrV)

Many times we miss what is being said in this passage. We blow past it say it is good and do not hear the wise wisdom and warning given in the passage. At times as christians we do not like to listen to anything that some people we deem unknowledgeable, such as our children, people out side our social and church circles, or just strangers. At times we can be so zealous for the Lord we miss his teaching. He tells us to love one another, to come together, to love the neighbor, or turn the cheek. We have found ways to not love anyone not even self, to stay separated, to avoid that neighbor, and a reason to punch someone when we have been slapped.

I believe we need to really pay attention to what James is saying when he says Quick, Slow, Slow. From the beginning this easier said than done. But remember we are human and we have a proclivity to do the opposite of what God has said and call it gospel. In most cases we have the propensity to be SLOW to listen and QUICK to start talking and even QUICKer to cuss you out! Then we say that we blessed someone out and set them right, but we have missed the life lesson that life has brought to us. Where in the bible does it tell us to be condescending towards one another and that is a blessing? Where does it tell us to be dogmatic in speech to reveal Jesus? It does not, but at times this is what people get from us instead of what we are supposed to be.

James say's Quick Slow Slow. If we are quick to listen to what people have to say, regardless if we agree or not, we have more of a chance to relate, converse, and hold a decent discourse with them. Listening is very important in relationship building. If a couple cannot listen to each other the lines of communications are down and the relationship is doomed. Same with us if we cannot listen to God, fellow christians, or others we are doomed to be stuck. I will say stuck because at times a good conversation can free you of things hindering your relationship with God. If someone brings to you a different perspective on scripture two things can happen: 1) you have a chance to teach or 2) be taught. If you are listening then a lot can be achieved, but if you are quick to shut down and not listen cause your uncomfortable you are missing out on the ministry of Christ.

Slow to speak is even better we need to think about what we are saying to others and be considerate of them. You know when you think about it, what we say is important cause your words are like waves, good or bad can travel a long way, and affect a lot of people. Wouldn't we want our words to be good, because they will come back one day to see us again. Many times our quick speak can get us in trouble cause we have the ability to kill the spirit of others with our words and we never think about it. We sometimes call it defending the Kingdom.

Slow to anger is the best because many people have really short fuses for some reason. The sad thing is they love that this short fuse and are proud that they are arrogant, impatient, and rude people. Now my question is how do people that do such things continue to call themselves Christian? I understand that God will take you as you are for example if you are rude, impatient, racist, hateful, boastful, irritable, selfish, resentful, and things like these. God will take you as you are. Our God is so good not only will he take you as you are, but he will meet you where you stand. Now here is the kicker he doesn't expect you to stay where he found you. Our God is a creating, transforming, motivation, all powerful God that transforms us from one broke piece of clay to a new perfect masterpiece. Therefore, we really need to evaluate what we do, because if we call ourselves a Christian and we are still quick to get angry after working with God for 20 to 40 years something is wrong and I am willing to bet all I have it is not on God's end.

Being the opposite of James' Quick Slow Slow also does something, and it is not very appealing to those who seek to be in Christ Jesus. Being the opposite of what James prescribes especially dealing with anger it does not produce the Righteousness of God in any way shape or form. With that said, being on the opposite end of this spectrum causes people to miss out on the implanted Word of God which is able to save your soul!

Remember this,

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." ~John 1:1

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." (~John 1:14)

When we are SLOW to listen, Quick to speak, and Quick to get angry we have taken the chance that we are missing out on what Christ can bring that is able to SAVE US ALL! It is not Slow Quick Quick but Quick Slow Slow.

Those who have eyes let them see those who have ears let them hear. Amen.

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