In the fall of 1989 at Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh PA, Brendon was born. He weighted 1 lb 12 oz. He was an extremely small baby. A few days after birth, Brendon had emergency surgery to close a valve in his heart. This valve usually closes on it's own after birth. Because Brendon was so small, he was unable to tolerate food in his stomach. When the doctors decided it was time for Brendon to begin to eat, part of his intestine died and he had to have the dead part of his intestine removed. Brendon remained in the hospital for 6 months straight. The doctors only gave him a 50/50 chance to live.

Brendon's mother called Aunt Phyllis, a prayer warrior, at 2:30 A.M. asking for prayer for Brendon. As Aunt Phyllis prayed, God told her that he shall live and not die. The family and friends that new about Brendon began to call him the miracle baby because they could not believe this tiny little blessing made it through so many obstacles. Although he had a family who didn't cease from pray and believing God, Brendon had a fight in him that still remains today. Brendon is truly a miracle from God. Brendon's strong will and stubborn ways was necessary for him to survive as a baby and will continue to assist him as he goes about his Father's business. God had and has a bigger and better plan for Brendon's life.

When he was 7 or 8 he had what many believed was a seizure in Florida while attending a Holy Convoction. Brendon and a host of family and church members where on a bus on their way to Disney World. The bus stopped at McDonalds so the passangers could get something to eat. As the bus was unloading his Aunt, cousin and sisters thought he was a sleep, but he was out of it. His family started getting nervous, but they pulled it together enough to take him into McDonalds and lied him on the table. They then called the ambulance. When the ambulance came, Brendon's little sister said, "I don't want my brother to die". The ambulance took him to the hospital. While all this was tranpirering, Brendon's mom, who rode to Disney World in a separate vehicle with Brendon's younger, then infant brother; awaited the arrival of the tour bus that carried her children. When the tour bus arrived she noticed that her children and siblings did not exit the bus. Instead she was greeted by her Aunt Ruby who informed her what happened. Aunt Ruby arranged to get Brendon's mother to the hospital. Brendon was admitted overnight into the hospital for observation, but the doctors were once again baffled and had no explanation for the earlier episode. Brendon's mother remained with him as the doctors prodded and poked Brendon all the time thanking God Brendon's complete healing. While Brendon's mom prayed to God, Brendon's family back home, the church members and people attending the Holy Convocation also sent prayers up to God on Brendon's behalf.

When he woke up in the morning Brendon was starving and the hospital staff brought him as much food as his small body could intake. They too were moved by the miraculous work of God. By all worldy standard, Brendon really should have died in his youth, but God has a bigger plan for his life. When Brendon was 14 years old he went through a faze that all most cost him his life. Brendon was going to kill himself and thought that no one liked him. That same thought came back to him when he was 15, but if he didn't have a praying and concerned family he would not be here today. Once he thought about it, he realized that he is here for a reason and he said, what God has done for me nobody can do it."

Now Brendon shares the lessons he learned that if you trust and believe in God all things will work out. If it had not been for God on his side Brendon said he doesn't know where he would be. Now he is 17 yrs old he lives in PA. He attends a suburban high school. He likes to play the drums, go to church and he loves to worship God. Brendon knows that he is here to do something big. His favorite Bible verses are: In all your way's engage him and he will direct your path and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Brendon likes these verses because God has and continues to direct his path. Brendon loves to read and study the Bible. He is a great young man who has a lot of great things in store for him.

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