Real Talk. 

Sometimes we have to let them go; people, places, and things that take more than give. 

People, places, and things that drain you, take away your life, drain your spirit, leave you more perplexed than focused, leaves you with more minuses than pluses. 

People who do, "Quid pro quo, " who always want this for that.

People who "hustle" you; you love them like family, and they spit in

 your face. 

People who who are your family; but never give you the chance to be the person God made you because of the mistakes you've made in the past.

People who are your family, but never give you the chance to be the person God made you to be because of fear, doubt, and unbelief; they become your stumbling-block and not your stepping stone.

People too cowardly to make the decisions they say they would make, but always pull out before they pull the trigger.

People who say they "love" you; but love isn't love to them unless they draining your pocket and take from your life, leaving you with a minus, not a plus.

People who break whatever agreements they make and want you to be about them rather than put it on the floor, and meet you in the middle; to walk out the agreement(s) that's been made.

Your love cannot change them, or change that situation. Don't feel guilty about the negative stuff people do; or the negative decisions they choose to make.

Don't throw your pearls before these "swine." Pray for them, love them, kick the "crutches" out from under them, but let them go. 

If you don't take them down, they will surely take you down. Your choice. It's between you and God.

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