once heard that reality is what we make of it. So in my ministry I have met Jehovah's Witnesses and they say that hell is here on earth. So in essence they are stating that our reality is our hell. I must reject this!

Reality is a Divine nature of the Most High.
It is we who have described the Lie!
Prescribed His nature to be a Lie!
Defined in science that He, The Everlasting, is a Lie!

Here it is! I must Reject this lie!
I testify on behave of the Most High on whom I rely.
On who's shoulder the entire universe lye.
The one who paid the perfect price.
from heaven He came down to die for my sins for me to rely.

I ask in earnest dire, how can you deny? How can you deny?
Do you chose to break His heart?
Do you chose to hang him again on that cross?

When will we see where He is not apart,
but He us a part of our lives.

The Blood, The Living Sacrifice.
To walk in His Will as a living sacrifice.

Some will know not of this Will.
Nor do they will the Will of the One above.
He who gives me the Joy to keep in His Love.
To keep in His trust to seek Him in all that Love .
The Love, ooh how I can sing of The Love, The Love,

The Love of You! My King My precious King.
Oh how may it be that they all cannot see.
They cannot see the beauty in you.

They deny that you rose above
Rose above to show the Greatest Love.
Shall I die to show them your Endless Love.

That Great Love, just to glorify that one and only Holy Name.
The Name that is above all Names.
The Name that brings Glory to your Name.

The Name that Glorifies and preserves the Human Man.
Not on this plane but from the Hell that was proclaimed
that we would endure for the sin that we obtained
from the start of the world which was not in your plan.

But I thank you, I thank you for the Plan of Reality Divine.
The Plan that your "One and Only" would save all mankind.

Its called Redemptive Love, Redemptive Love.
The Blood Atonement for all of man.
All his sacrifices were in vain.
So there was none, not one worthy on this plane

But you yet and still sent us The Redemption Plan
For all to follow in His Glorious Name.
Now Heavens Gates have been stretched
wide open because of The Name.
Place it on your forehead and walk with no shame
don't deviate cause it will bring you to Heavens Hall of Fame.

BY: Yeshayahu Azariah Levi Prophet of The Lord

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