I know anyone that has ever watched TV lately has come across reality television.
It seems that television has gone from what was considered off limits and to explicit for television now is considered to be "acceptable behavior".

So instead of family values being shown on prime time, we are bombarded with sex, dysfunctional behavior, and ungodly lifestyles.

Many in America have been captivated by American Idol, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Dancing With The Stars.

Lets not forget The Flavor Of Love, Holly Hood, Hogan Knows Best, and many others.
These shows go behind the scenes and tell the raunchy sexual side of many who are the folks next door or stars already on television.

I believe if the world can be a reality based society were everything goes then the church should also go all out with reality.

If they can parade witchcraft and new age philosophies on Oprah, and sexual deviance on Dr. Ruth then we should display the reality of the Power Of The HOLY SPIRIT to this world.

Lets take and proclaim this gospel wherever we get an opportunity.

Not a fluffy, pretty, I am Ok You Are Ok style but the HARDCORE UNEDITED MIRACLE WORKING POWER OF GOD.

Lets get back to seeing this Gospel in action with signs following.

Casting out devils, laying hands on the sick, signs and wonders the REAL DEAL, not a wishy washy form of church.

How many have saw reality based television and thought,they can do that on TV?

Well lets give the world a dose of real reality based living and move out in the POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST.

Let the reality church style began.

Let this world see that JESUS IS REAL, not some fictional character from an old book.

Lets stop having church and be the church.

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