CAUSE: To unify the Body of Christ in one mind and one accord to seek Repentance, Revival and to Walk in the Resurrection Power of JESUS CHRIST taking the GOOD NEWS wherever our feet may trod.
Over the last couple of years or so, the Lord has dealt with me concerning the beautiful people of our region. People from all sectors of life are right here. They come from varied backgrounds ranging from: the most wealthy to some of the poorest, the ones who speak the language of this nation to the ones who speak languages from nations and the great religious to the ones who have never heard of JESUS CHRIST as SAVIOUR!
The LORD began to burn a fire deep with in me that if I do not give out HIS WORD, I feel as though I will be completely consumed. Lori and I have spent much time in seeking the face of our KING to find what we could do for HIM. HE has shown us so much! We are excited about what HE is about to do! I want to share with you, one of the visions HE has given us.

VISION: I was dressed in a pair of blue jean bib overalls and a white t-shirt. In my hand, was a wooden staff or pole and attached to the pole was a white flag. I was at a dear brother’s home Kodak, TN. I saw my friend and me praying and crying to JESUS! I looked up and saw the brightness of the flag and I realized the presence of HIS HOLINESS. Upon the realization of HIS HOLY presence, red letters appeared on the white flag spelling out, JESUS! Then HOLY SPIRIT whispered, “Man can not even begin to come into MY HOLY presence with out first coming through MY SON, JESUS CHRIST in complete surrender to HIM!”
Then I saw myself walking away from the property and heading toward the road. I had an overwhelming emotion of fear. This fear was Not of reverence, but of fear itself and fear of man. I looked up at the flag while I was walking and all I could see was a white flag of surrender! “JESUS”, I cried, “What are YOU doing? Why do YOU have me doing this?” I did not “hear” anything and I did not “feel” anything from my FATHER IN HEAVEN. I did know however, that I was to continue in faith and in surrendering to HIS will and purpose in what HE had asked me to do… “WALK!”
As I continued to walk, I knew that I had purpose. I knew HE had called me to fulfill that purpose. I knew that no matter whatever should happen, that I will follow the call of my KING regardless to what man may say or do. Regardless as to what judgments the enemy attempts to pronounce upon me through the lips of people including those who claim the name of my SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST!
Continuing the walk through Kodak, on route 66, I then began to feel the eyes of everyone. Although the voices I heard could not all be completely understood, I could audibly hear the laughs and scorning of the people and the enemy. As I looked to my left as traffic was passing by, I could see the fiery darts coming from the eyes and mouths of the passengers inside. I immediately turned my head to look ahead at what was before me rather than focusing on those around me. With each step I took, I could feel the weight of it all upon my shoulders. My feet began to hurt a little. The burden of not only the flag, but also of the battle I was facing from the enemy seemed to weigh me down making me feel like an old weary man. I felt compelled to pray for the people of KODAK. I felt the need to repent on their behalf. I began to pray for each church and the people. As I was praying, I envisioned each church repenting of the sins of their congregation and seeking the FIERY presence of TRUTH found only in JESUS CHRIST!
After much prayer, I then began to sing praises to my KING! Some songs I knew and some songs I did not, they all just seemed to rise from my spirit straight to the Throne Room of our AWESOME GOD! I began to plead the blood of JESUS over the community of KODAK and asking GOD to redeem the people of this community. I could hear HIS WORDS, “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” Proverbs 18:10. My feet grew lighter and I noticed that the burden was gone and I could walk a little faster. SEVIERVILLE, TN was now in sight.
Crossing into Sevierville, Tennessee, brought a flood of emotions to me. I could sense the blindness the enemy had given the people. Although I saw the masks and blinders upon the people and could even feel the thickness of despair, everyone moved about as if they were very comfortable wearing the chains of spiritual defeat. Their burden for souls being won for the KINGDOM seemed to be lost, but the pleasure of self reliance and self indulgence burdened the people. Greed was in the heartbeat of the community. The dark clouds of the enemy began to blow in closer to me. I heard the enemy from the darkness howl and then he growled, “For what purpose do you seek in disturbing the slumber of this place?” “I seek the purpose and fulfillment of my KING, JESUS CHRIST!”
Immediately, the enemy’s darkness grew darker than before and he began to howl from the depths of his darkness. Darkness began to tighten around me as if to choke me out. As his growling heightened from low to an extremely high pitch, I knew in my spirit that he was calling for reinforcements. The demonic world was being called into battle and was prepared to fight the Reviving of the SAINTS!
I looked down at my clothes and noticed all the filth that was on me. The stains as best as I could describe them looked liked: mud, coffee, mustard, ketchup, tea, and soda. It all looked disgusting, but there was nothing I could do, the filth was upon me and there was no way to be cleansed from what the enemy was throwing at me. The smell of vomit and sewage penetrated the air to the point of making me not wanting to breathe any of it in. Then HOLY SPIRIT reminded me of HIS purpose! I held the flag higher and I began to pray in the spirit and I asked the LORD to take charge of this battle. I then without any reservations looked into the darkness and boldly began to plead the blood of my SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST! “Satan, you have no authority here! Everywhere I place my feet belongs to the KINGDOM of JESUS CHRIST! Nothing belongs to you and all is being taken back that you have stolen!” While speaking this, I felt such boldness, a HOLY BOLDNESS to just keep walking and to ignore the darkness and put my complete focus on my VICTORIOUS REDEEMER, JESUS CHRIST! As I walked, the urgency given by the HOLY GHOST grew stronger and stronger. I knew that if I did nothing else, I knew I had to keep going to the place HE had appointed for me, no matter the cost placed upon me. I knew JESUS had already paid the price!
The stillness seemed almost deafening as I walked. The eerie quietness is best described as death. The whole area was without life. Even the birds seemed lifeless. JOY was gone and Despair had rooted itself deep. I began to cry, “LORD why? Why is this so? This place is so beautiful and there is so much potential for your KINGDOM to grow here.” “Michael, my people have forgotten me, they have left their first love!” Oh how I cried and cried on behalf of the people. The burden I felt was so heavy, heavier than I had ever felt in this walk so far. “LORD, is there any release for these people who are blindly walking in this dark despair that leads to death?” “Only through my SON will they find MY TRUE RELEASE!” Then HE spoke HIS WORD,
“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” Revelation 12:11.
As I continued to walk on toward Pigeon Forge, the journey began to feel very long to me. My feet were so sore that they throbbed in synch with the beat of my heart while releasing great amounts of agonizing pain. “Oh GOD, this journey is so long and so very hard! What good could this possibly be doing? How much longer must I walk with out seeing the fruit of YOUR harvest?” Immediately, the Lord spoke with so much comfort; I could hear HIS sweet still small voice.
“Michael, I know the journey is long for you. I have asked you to walk this, because I know the gift of endurance I have placed inside of you. It is for MY glory that this gift will bring to me that you are walking. I know the journey is hard for you, but I have not only gone before you, but I AM always with you and I will never ever leave you. I know what lies ahead and I know what you are feeling and experiencing now. I AM your HEALING and your STRENGTH. I AM your REFUGE in this time of trouble. The good this walk is doing is greater than you can see. I AM creating good within and without you. I AM tearing down and building up. I AM placing eyes upon ME.
The harvest is MINE; it is MY LABOR, it is MY LABORERS, it is MY FIELD, MY SEED, MY WATER, MY WORD, and MY LIFE. I AM the very breath of LIFE that breathes upon the LABORER to go to all of MY FIELDS to spread MY SEEDS of LIFE. It is MY BREATH that breathes LIFE to come forth in a NEW RESURECTION! I speak in an abundance of LIFE!
I speak to what I have instilled in MY SEED to COME FORTH! It is now time for you to spring forth in NEW LIFE! The time is now for you to flourish in much abundance. Flourish beyond what you could ever ask or even imagine! The fruit of MY expectation will soon manifest through you like few have ever seen.
I speak to MY LABORERS, COME FORTH! I speak Peace and Endurance as you walk in MY GRACE and MERCY. Seek MY good pleasure and not that of your own. For in MY pleasure you will find MY REST in MY LABOR.
I speak to the WATERS, BURST FORTH! MY FIELDS are parched. Refreshment is needed. MY SEED needs the nourishment. MY PEOPLE need the washing of the LIVING WATER, MY WORD. Flow, Flow, Flow over MY FIELDS, nourish MY SEEDS.”
Before I realized it, I was on the outskirts of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I then continued walking as JESUS had once asked me. I felt the urgency to just talk to HIM.
“JESUS, I love YOU so very much! I thank YOU for the GLORY YOU are receiving through me. YOU have extended so much of YOUR GRACE and MERCY to me; how can I ever begin to repay YOU, except only through me offering myself to YOU as a LIVING SACRIFICE to do with as YOU DESIRE. For my life is no longer mine, but YOURS! The POWER of YOUR LOVE has completely changed me! I praise YOU, MY SAVIOUR, MY KING, MY ETERNAL GOD, MY MESSIAH! I bless YOUR MIGHTY HOLY NAME!
I claim this field for YOU! This entire city, this entire county and all that is in it for YOU! I pray for YOUR WILL to come forth! Heal this place from its iniquity and perversion that has assumed a strong hold. Father, wake your people. Stir their hearts to the sensitivity of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT. Release the freedom of YOUR WORD upon this place. LORD, send the HOLY FIRE to purify this place and set it apart for YOUR GOOD PLEASURE! IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I BIND THE POWERS OF THE ENEMY. THROUGH THE POWER AND AUTHORITY GIVEN TO ME BY MY RESURECTED SAVIOUR WHO SHED HIS HOLY BLOOD TO COVER MY SINS, I COMMAND YOU TO BE BOUND! In the NAME OF JESUS I LOOSE THE LOVE OF JESUS UPON THIS PLACE. JESUS, thank YOU for YOUR AUTHORITY AND POWER. Thank YOU for what YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO!”
While continuing my walk, I could not help but wonder what HE was about to do. I looked all around me and I could see GREAT and MIGHTY things that HE had purposed for this place.
I continued walking on toward Gatlinburg. Although this part of the walk was very quiet, I knew that HE was giving me peace on my journey. Finally, I made it to the city limit of Gatlinburg.
Immediately, I felt overwhelmed with anxiety. “JESUS, BE MY STENGTH!”
I knew I just had to keep walking… one foot in front of the other. What would the people be saying, what will they do? Fear seemed to be heavy upon me. No more was I walking and vehicles were passing me by, but I was about to be on busy streets where people were walking and road traffic was moving at a snail’s pace. Was there any place I could just hide this flag and just continue on walking? Immediately, HE spoke, “I AM WITH YOU, BE NOT AFRAID!” “JESUS, YOU ARE MY STENGTH!”
As I entered the throng of people, eyes began to peer at me. The chill I felt went to my bones. Evil just seemed to compress me as if I were walking through a vice. Pressure from every side not only seemed to suffocate me, but to squeeze the very life out of me.
“Lord, I need YOU! FATHER, where are you? JESUS, are you here?”
For some reason, all I could hear was the dark silence around me. No longer could I even hear my own breath. I could NOT see the light of HIS promises, but I could see the luring darkness of the enemy. He was glad to see this burden placed upon me. He enjoyed the torture he was placing upon my mind, body and soul. I knew I had to keep walking I had no choice. I knew that I could not for any reason rely on my sight. In order to get through this valley of death, I had to completely rely on JESUS through faith!

Each step was just as hard as the last. I felt so weak and exhausted. Then HIS WORD came to me, “when you are weak, I AM STRONG!” Walk on Michael, walk on! I had to get through the pressure cooker that was sucking the life out of me and burning away all that seemed to be close to me that I had worked so hard for. Just when I thought all was gone and I was literally about to die, I was passing a place where JESUS’ presence was welcomed. Immediately the air was cool and refreshing, the BREATH of LIFE flooded me giving me energy and renewal. Oh how I began to praise HIM in the midst of trouble!
I did not hear HIM say anything, but I could feel HIM holding me in HIS COMFORT! HE then urged me to continue. Then HIS manifested presence seemed to disappear although I knew HE was actually still with me. As I was leaving the other end of Gatlinburg, I could feel the cold darkness at my back.
Walking through the woods to the over look of Gatlinburg was peaceful, but empty at the same time. For some reason, I knew I needed to reach the top of Gatlinburg. I knew I had minded HOLY GHOST in what HE had asked of me, but I still felt like I did not accomplish much for HIM.
When I came into view of the over look, I saw all kinds of people. It seemed from a distance that they were waiting for me. As I got closer, I saw people I knew. Every one began to praise JESUS as I waved HIS BANNER! I heard shouts and then the shoffar began to sound over the city!
“Michael, it was difficult coming to this place of destination, but it will be praise and worship from here on out!” Immediately HIS peace flooded me like never before.
After much Praise and Worship, we started walking on. The whole group began to leave in worship. Those who could not walk drove on toward Pigeon Forge.
While walking in Pigeon Forge, I felt the LORD saying, “Look behind you.” I looked behind me and many people were following in praise and worship to JESUS! They too where holding flags. I saw all sorts of flags of every color. “Father, what does this mean?” “The colors represent different aspects of who I AM! Look closer Michael, what do you see?” I could not help but feel really awe stuck by HIS AWESOMENESS! “LORD, I see the brightness of your color and with each look I only seem to scratch the surface of WHO YOU ARE!” “Look again, Michael, what do you see?” “I see writing on the flags.” “Look closer”, HE whispered. “FATHER, I see YOUR name in every variation on every flag, as far as I can see, I see your name on every color! Every color illuminates YOUR HOLY NAME!”
JESUS has given so much more. We are answering the call to WALK! HE has given us such an urgency to actually walk this out. HE has compelled us to meet with local pastors and congregations to ask for their participation. When this walk is completed, we will be meeting at the Sevier County Court House. At the court house, we will begin to intercede on behalf of loved ones.
There is so much more that we will be releasing soon, but for now we must wait in order to make sure of plans and etc. We are also in the process of doing research and making flags and banners for the walk JESUS has prepared for us. We welcome any help you would like to contribute:
• flag / banner making,
• material for flags / banners
• researched meanings of the names of God
• researched meanings of the varied colors of God
• financial contributions
Pray, more details to come! Dates and times are pending. Contact us with any questions or concerns. BE BLESSED AS YOU WALK IN
Michael & Lori

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