The need for our area / region is REPENTANCE, REVIVAL, RENEWAL and REVELATION!

The LORD sometime back gave me the assignment to walk with a white flag bearing the name of JESUS in red letters. After much prayer and seeking HIS WORD, I have felt the LORD lead me to get others involved, because this is NOT about Michael & Lori or Promised Nations Ministries, but solely about JESUS CHRIST!

The Goal is to get as many BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS as will accept to get together in one mind and one accord to seek our KING for REPENTANCE, REVIVAL, RENEWAL and REVELATION! It is time for the people of GOD to be awakened and "take back the land"! It is time to lift the TORCH of HIS TRUTH and expel the darkness! It is time to lift HIS BANNER!

Lori and I along with Promised Nations Ministries are asking that you join us for this intimate time with JESUS! Come expecting the LORD to set you and others free from the varied strongholds the enemy has placed.

Please know that joining this event does NOT mean you are dedicating yourself to walk the whole way everyday. You are welcome to walk as much or as little as you are lead or would like. You are also welcome to just be at strategic places for intercession and worship.

THE REDEMPTION WALK will begin in Kodak, TN to Gatlinburg, TN and back to Kodak. There will be many stops along the way. These times will be used for worship and intercession as well as an opportunity for rest. Most stops will be in very strategic locations as the LORD leads. Other stops will only be made as JESUS opens doors for evangelism and etc.

Feel free to bring your articles of Worship: flags, banners, musical instruments, Bibles and etc. We do ask that each of you would intimately seek the Lord and follow HIS lead.

We look forward with you to see what the LORD is about to do! Be abundantly Blessed!

We love you!

Lifting HIS name as we walk,

Michael & Lori Blankenship

You can also join or make a committment on facebook under Promised Nations Ministries or email

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