Head throbbing.....throat aching with pain....feeling awful.....it is

the flu! Yet there is a tugging from within to tarry in prayer......as

I sat in a chair, the lyrics of the hymn came. " T's So Sweet To Trust

In Jesus. " Pausing for a moment......thought how can I sing in such

a condition ? Reflex ! my mouth opened and a beautiful tune came

out to the a fore mentioned hymn written by William J. Kirk Patrick,

1838-1921. Instantly it happened.....I felt rekindled passion and a longing

just to be in Abba Father's presence again! To be honest no matter how sold out to God we are. we  go through

dry and seemingly empty places in our lives. These are the times where

our faith is really put to the test. It is during these times we may find our-

selves not praying like we ought to, nor how we used to pray. What is even

more alarming, we may find ourselves missing those vital appointments

with Abba Father. The cares of the world seem to be weighing us down.

Do we still love Abba Father ? Yes we do ! The question we must each ask

ourselves, making it a personal one..... what are you going to do about your

lack of passion to run hard after God ? The answer keeps on resounding.....

You and I need rekindled passion! May the words of this poem challenge,

bless, and inspire you to seek for rekindled passion with God.....your Abba

Father! For the Psalmist David says in Psalm 16:11........." You will show me

the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are

pleasures forevermore. " Here are the words the pen was inspired to write,

and is a reminder to each of us, to guard the time we spend with God! Be

Blessed as you read!


Spending the whole night upon your bed,

Talking with Him.....then just before the break

Of dawn arising to spend hours in His word,

And in prayer.


Lately though, you have not been keeping your

Appointments with Him.......slumbering upon

Your bed and at intervals pausing to reach out

To Him.....talking to Him then falling helplessly

Back to sleep.


Even your rising to go to Him in prayer has not

Been consistent.

There is a feeling of being disconnected without

His warm embracing presence.

Rekindled passion is emerging......for there is a tugging

And a pulling, drawing you to that place of prayer......

Intensifying your adoration for Him!


Rekindled passion is now unfolded and you are regaining

Strength and courage......renewing your thinking putting

On the mind of Christ......there is a strong thirsting for His

Presence and an hunger for His word!

Rekindled passion is even drawing you to arise at midnight

Just to get into His presence.....,,where there is joy beyond

Measure and pleasures at His right hand which cannot be



Make it a lifestyle to daily pray, fasting often eating a healthy

Diet of the word of God.

This recipe will keep your passion for Abba Father in tact,

So that there will be no need for rekindled passion.....guard

The time you spend alone with your Heavenly Father!


Written By : Margaret C Mullings

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