Matthew 14 records Peter's walk on the water to get to Jesus. In the beginning he had enough faith to get out of the boat to go to Jesus and walk on the water. In the midst of walking on the water the wind blew hard and got him off focus on what Jesus had called him to do and that was come to him. Men and women of God, in this season it is imperative to continue to keep our eyes focused on what and where God has called us. Among all of the disciples Peter could have had the greatest testimony of doing something none of the others did and that walk on water, but he took his eyes off his destination. When we focus our attention on things around us: maybe our ministries are not growing at the speed we want it too, our financies are not right, our families are being attacked, our health is failing, or whatever the situation might be, we leaving the door open to fear and doubt. We have to know that God has not called us to fear but peace. Even in the midst of the storm we can have peace, because if God called us out on the water he will give us the strength to walk on it. Yes God will not ever leave or forsake us, these trials are only taking us to a new level of faith and trust in God. Even as we begin to go into a new year, I believe God is going to pour out his spirit and his faithful servants and do exceeding abundantly above all we have ever asked or thought. 2008 brought trials and tribulations for many of the saints of God, but it was only the set up for the release of the blessings of God. God was getting ready to do a new thing with Peter, because no other man had ever walked on water before. Even as he did with Peter, things and releases of the power and anointing of God that we have never seen before is getting ready to happen in 2009. Our task is to remain focused on none other but God. Don't take your eyes off of your destination. New revelation knowledge, fresh baptism of the holy ghost, greater gift of healing, faith, and miracles, supernatural debt releases, increase in finances from unexpected places, greater depths of our relationship with God all will be released as we remain focused on God the supernatural and not the natural. How great is it that in the time of chaos of the world, the people of God can remain at peace when everyone else is seeming to be losing their minds. God is doing a new thing in 2009, remain focused, and watch God do what you never thought he will do.

Be Blessed
Min. Lawrence Trimble

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