Dr. Jamil Nasir (born 8 July 1975) is the Chairman of the National Head of the Church of Pentecost in Pakistan and “Christian Theological Research Centre” Lahore, Pakistan.
Dr. Rev. Jamil Nasir was born in Hafizabad, Pakistan to Christian parents with a Muslim family background; his grandfather was Muslim Priest (Maulv) in Kashmir presiding an Islamic organization for teaching and preaching Islam. But Lord opened his son’s eyes to know Christ. It took a long time for him to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. After conversion he joined Gujranwala Theological Seminary, completed his B.D, Master and Doctorate and became a pastor and a Bible teacher. Dr. Jamil Nasir attended a Muslim Public School in Hafizabad (home town) and began attending Muslim prayer services in school mosque with other Muslim students. He identified himself as a Christian at the age of 14 and received the baptism of the water and the spirit at 15.
Academic Career :
Dr. Jamil Nasir attended “Government Muslim High School No: 2 Hafizabad” but unfortunately discontinued his studies due to his fundamental teacher. One day during training in denting and painting workshop he saw his schoolmates returning home. Attracted by them he made up his mind and once again stared his education. He completed matriculation 1992, studied Philosophy of Education, World History, Comparative Religion and Asian Religions at “Pakistan Adventist Seminary, & College” Farooqabad, District Sheikhupra, (B.A in Religion Philosophy 1997). He studied apologetics at “Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala, Pakistan” (M Div 2004) and false doctrine in Christianity and World Religion at “Faith Theological Seminary Gujranwala, Pakistan” (Doctor of Ministry 2006). His particular academic interests include” Comparative Literature and Comparative Philosophy of Religion, in addition to teaching appointments in “Haggai Institute” USA, Singapore and Pakistan he visits as a professor of theology and religious studies in different Bible colleges in Lahore, Pakistan.
Dr. Jamil Nasir met his wife Rose Mary, a dentist in Peshawar. They have three daughters Shulammite (6-year) Rachael (4-year) Yoana (2-year).
Dr. Jamil Nasir is generally in the Pentecostal Church, describing himself as
“Pentecostal” and has become a permanent evangelist, holding healing crusades, educational conventions, teaching seminars, speaker and spokesman for engagement between Christianity and Islam and published author. Since his entry into the house of the Lord he has come into considerable prominence in Urdu public life, where he has advocated the interrogations of the Muslim community more effectively.
Dr. Jamil Nasir’s published writings include the following:
Quran the Custodian and Protector of Bible (1999)
Christianity and Liquor (2003)
Did Prophet Muhammad Reject Bible? (2003)
The Miracle of Cana Galilee (2005)
Revealing Prayers in Holy Bible and Holy Quran (2006)
Confirmation of the Holy Bible and Prophet Muhammad (2007-8)
Son of God and Al-Quran (2007-8)
And many other articles in newspapers and journals.
(1) The book of Revelation
The Christian Theological Research Centre recoded DVD and VCD exposition massages of the Book of Revelation verse by verse.
(2) Apologetic Massages
Dr. Nasir clears the misconception, allegation and answers the Muslim Scholars about the Holy Bible, life and teaching of Jesus Christ. He delivers apologetics messages in Educational Convention every month and CTRC produce DVD and VCD for Pakistani nationals.
Authenticity of the Holy Bible (In the light of Islam)
Second Coming (In the light of world Religion)
Who is “That Prophet” (Muhammad or Christ?)
Jesus is Prophet or more than prophet
Is Jesus Crucified on the cross?
Restoration of Christ
Who is second Helper (Holy Spirit or Muhammad?) Etc.

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Comment by asif yaqoob on April 9, 2009 at 7:31am
what is bible word 666
Comment by Rev. Dr. Jamil Nasir on March 4, 2009 at 3:34am
Invitation to communicate, partnership the Gospel in Pakistan
Dear in Christ,
Greetings in the highest Name Lord Jesus Christ.
Christian Theological Research Centre is working for the proclamation of the everlasting Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Islamic Republic Pakistan were there is 98% are Muslim but Pakistan is most open Islamic country for Gospel
We are reaching to un-reached, seeking the lost Defending Holy Bible, Christian faith and evangelizing through,
 Open air Evangelical and Healing crusades
 Open air Educational Conventions
 Leadership seminars, trainings and workshops.
 Apologetics and Research Classes
 Writing, translating and publishing books in our local languages
 Make DVDs and VCDs of Apologetics and theological issues and evangelism

We are humbly requesting you prayer for these projects and if you have vision for Islamic country Pakistan for preaching the Gospel we are saying warm welcome to you. Together we will build the kingdom of Jesus Christ in Pakistan, if it’s possible that we have a ministerial partnership in our master vineyard.
if you want to know about us kindly visit to our website: www.ctrcentre.org
We are waiting and praying for your prayerful reply.
Thanks and be blessed.

Rev. Dr. Jmail Nasir
Chairman: Christian Theological Research Centre.
National Head “The Church of Pentecost”
International facilitator, Faculty “Haggai Institute” Singapore, USA
E-mail: pakevangelicalministry@yahoo.com
URL: www.ctrcentre.org
Phone Office +92-42-5943704
Cell +92-300-4179633

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