These that have turned the world upside down are among us.... May we know what this new doctrine wherefore thou speakest of? ..... For I passed by and beheld your devotions, I found an altar to the unknown God whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, 'him' I declare unto you. (Acts 17:616,19,23).

I dont know about you but the most misunderstood or the most ignored doctrine in the bible is the doctrine of God. Everyone wants to be a preacher, but it's knowing his name that qualifies us to preach. The apostles preached 'Jesus' why they had a revelation of that name, and its in the revelation of the name that we find the apostles doctrine.

The apostles filled all Jerusalem with their doctrine and because they preached doctrine they must have explained and proclaimed Jesus. It was this 'new doctrine' the preaching of Jesus that caused a riot. Preachers who preach doctrine today get a similar response from the religious. 'What new doctrine is this?' they ask, whIle they themselves have no doctrine!

If you want to cause a stir in your city, first stir up the church. Tell them preacher, that Jesus is God! Tell then that your God has a name, tell them that it was God who took on a body and became known as the son. Tell them that it was the blood of God that Peter said, was shed for the church. Tell them that God is one and there is no other. Tell them God is first and there is no 'second' person! Tell them if you dare, that Jesus alone is God, and that my friend is all it takes to cause a riot of revival..

( Further reading Acts 5:42 Isaiah 45).

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