R-U struggling with Christology?

To the folks that are still struggling with Christianity

I would like to make two small corrections
Hopefully those struggling will get it...NEVER was a Jew named J-sus..and no Hasidim would name their child a Bar/Bat [Son /Daughter] of the covenant,... a name from ROME.
Well, Mainly because all Jews Azkenazi or Sephardic like me know that the NWO religion is an infiltration of mere paganism totally missing the mark of the Marital Covenant First established at Sinai.
Remember~A little Leaven leavens the whole loaf"

The RE-NEWED Marital Covenant was at the FIRST wedding feast where the Water of our existence was turned into the Wine of prosperity in the Brit Chadassah story...And the MASTER' of the ceremony stated prophetically:"The Best was saved for last"

When we try to get folks to focus on the TORAH truth it is because that is the main Words given to Moshie as INSTRUCTIONS [the word TORAH means INSTRUCTION] to the Covenant people @ Sinai desert

MANIFESTATION:...What is the Anti Christ?
One who does not allow the MANIFESTATION of the FATHER/RUACH ha'Kodosh in and through them

In simple terms Our Father Creator Likes to WALK with us, In' us and Through' us to this sick and dying world.

A good lesson for your next Shabbat Teaching would you agree?
Shavua Tov

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