God bless you saints of God ,Pastor Dave here bringing news of a incredible opportunity that is catching on in the worldwide internet community. This is a season for giving and remembering the One who opened our hearts as well as our ministries to the power of giving. There is such significance when a total stranger receives a monetary gift because they were obedient to the transactions of a gifting program. The word apprehensive will always be the keyword that will cause hesitation even with the powerful testimonies of people who are successful in their personal endeavor with the business and yet we act like this must be a fluke or a scam or even these people might be Paid Actors. Well I'd like to first state that I'm saved ,filled with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit and more importantly I fear the God I serve and I am not a Paid Actor.
Paul and Ilona Benko are the dedicated owners of The Miracle Network and they are building a tremendous opportunity for everyone to take advantage of a great Idea as well as a great program ,in a short period of time a large number of people have sign up and are receiving their gifts which is fine .But the purpose I',m doing this blog today is to pass this along to anyone who can put their faith where their money is , even though the program is moving and growing ,there are bottleneck and stalls because people are waiting to see if the person that wants to bring them in are getting their gifts , but the rules are if you sign up send your $25.00 gift to the designated person they were assigned because it speed up the process of everyone receiving their gift. you get your two people to send their gifts and never have to worry about going in your pocket again ,any other gift your send as you proceed to the next levels will come out the monies you have gotten from the previous level which is tremendous.
My friend Allen Schieber who invited me into the program told me how fast his return was as he finished his $25.00 level and is about to conclude his $50.00 level and his honesty is impeccable and I guess I'm trying to get your guard down to get your manifold blessing . I haven't gotten my first gift yet and I have 5 people signed up waiting to see what happens to me , I'm not concerned I know this works in my soul and this is why I'm putting the Saints on alert . This is the perfect way to pass along blessing to your fellow brother and sister,REMEMBER THE KEY IS TO SIGN UP AND SEND YOUR GIFT WITHIN 24 HOURS ALONG WITH YOUR 2 SIGN UPS.
This will help so many people if we just do it the way we are asked to ,I hope this helps cause remember I'm not a Paid Actor.

Pastor David Turnipseed

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Comment by david turnipseed on December 11, 2009 at 2:28pm
receive a gift from me. God is doing great things here, be sure to meet Apostle Beecher at http://bit.ly/4BFYyz
Comment by REV.DR.B.J.J.ROM on December 7, 2009 at 4:36am
wish you a happy christmas

Dear honorable beloved god’s chosen servant.

Greetings to you in the name of our great lord JESUS CHRIST.

I am a Pastor from INDIA.I am doing god’s work from 10 years. I left my job and I completely dedicated myself to god. I am doing his work with gods help. I am in his work in the way I can do and passed through many ups and down’s and rejected many opportunities to develop my career from this world for god.

I am organizing gospel meetings ( fair of Jesus glorias festival)in cal of telugu(yesu mahima agni vuchavalu) to spread god’s word to every nook and corner. We organize 4 to 5 meetings in a month in different places especially where the people who doesn’t know the god and small villages where there is no transportation. For this we have to face many hurdles. We are waiting for support form the God chosen people and Gods loveds people like you through prayers to continue our work by organizing more meetings in a month and to spread the god’s word we are distrybueting free monthly magazi minimum 1000 copes and free stickrs monthly (5000 )distrybueting we are distrybueting freely holy comuenian sets for poor pastors in the villegs we giving by faith

so i need some gods peoples support for the expanison of gods kingdom in india. please pray for indaians salvation and share word of god with me through our ministries and give me your great support for spreading word of god

We will uphold you and your ministries in our prayers. .

so my beloved childran of god please pray for ministries actvites send your support and see my minisrial photos
Please reply to my email id

thanking you
servant of jesus christ
Rev.Dr B.J.J.Rom;
foundar and director
Lightning Star ministries
102A block, Greenview Apartments
Shankeswrabazar, Saidabad
Andhra Pradesh State - 500 060
Email: lsm_rom@yahoo.co.in

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