God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Ep. 2:8

Oh, how generous and gracious our Lord was! He filled me with the faith and love that comes from Christ Jesus. 1 Tim. 1:14

With Yom Kippur approaching, it is time to prepare to meet the Holy King when He comes closest to us, to express our hopes for the year ahead and for the better choices we hope to make. As you search for sources of inspiration and Gods wisdom for this time in which we live. May we all be sealed in the Lambs Book of Life for such a time as this may God’s Blessing, of Grace, Peace, and Truth with Material Success be yours.

My continued thoughts for the up coming new year.

"Every good deed that a Christian does, every good deed, is not a fleeting act. It is an eternity. We are eternal beings and as such when we grab a hold of God’s Truth we spiral up to meet Him by His Grace. No matter what precedes or ensues, we must cherish each good deed done by each and every person."

I believe that not only in the gift of faith God’s given but also in courage, honor, and His love that will show the good things of man in Christ that is the fruit to harvest. More in Ga. 5:22

The holiest day of the year is rapidly approaching, not Christmas, nor Thanksgiving it is the day on which Tradition teaches that God comes closest to us, helping us and forgiving our past errors as we resolve to do better in the future. As a Born Again Jewish Christian I believe this. Jesus is in our hearts, but I believe in the tradition that God draws newer at the New Year. In these days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, every good deed done is a life saver.

Set any foundation but unless it’s build upon Jesus Christ it’s built on shifting sand. God treasures every positive effort that we make, no matter how small. When we're up close with the Almighty, every one of us can make Him smile.

When a person goes to court would it be fair if the judge passed judgment on what he thought you might do tomorrow or what you have done? Better than that since God is God He judges us not only on what we have done, but rather on whom we are right now.

Of course the real test of scripture upon one’s life is given of God’s grace and as man will continue to error humanly our walk must be in the spirit but in the flesh we ask forgiveness and not do it again. This choice is up to your personal free will that God’s given for all power in every circumstance no matter what is given in Christ Jesus to overcome. It is the free will that chooses not to overcome or to sin.

Finally, if a person does something unknowingly then they are not held liable for is it at the same level as if they did it knowingly? The bottom line according to God’s Grace Means that a person has to admit to themselves, to God, and to the person the sin involves (if there is another person) and then choose to commit to God never do it again.
We have an advocate who has the right to intercede on our behalf it is Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
I was taught that one who fulfills one good deed according to God’s law (commandment) acquires himself a single defending angel. One who commits one transgression acquires one accusing angel. Repentance and good deeds serve as a shield before retribution."
However that was Judaism now we have an advocate between judgment and the Father his name is Jesus Christ our Lord.
This bible provides us with a number of important insights regarding God's justice system -- both the system itself and how we may influence it. It's certainly a good time of year to be reading this. We are building mansions in heaven and must realize the building materials we send up there to build with.
The first point is that our good and bad deeds may create angels which will either defend or accuse us at the time of judgment I still do not know. Once it is appointed for one to die and then the judgment. God’s angels are created to protect and defend the heirs of salvation, but know that there is no salvation for angels who cross the line in a mistake and no angel will make his home in a bush of unbelief only in a strong tree of righteousness whose faith is eternal in Christ.
(According to Jewish tradition, there are three times at which a person stands judgment: every year at the High Holidays (reviewing the previous year and in judgment for the coming), at a person's death, and on the final Judgment Day at the end of world history to determine if he will be worthy of the Resurrection and his ultimate level of relationship with God.)
The Christian concept of judgment is to be withheld by God’s grace and mercy as one lives in this world now in order to be called and separated unto God. Living now on earth by grace is to find that relationship with God. That is the purpose of a human life to be given of God a time set aside for every man and women to choose to whom they will serve or not. Receive God or reject the kingdom and His King Jesus His Word of Truth.
Jewish concept of angels;
(The concept of defending or and an accusing angel is significant for a number of reasons. When I grew up I was always taught a much more simplistic notion -- that after we die our good and evil deeds will be placed on some kind of giant heavenly scales -- our deeds would somehow be converted into black and white gravel, or whatever precisely it is, and the heavier side would determine our fate.)
To be fair, there are contradictory statements which employ this type of metaphor. Yet it is clear from our walk with our Lord that as little as we know about our fates after death -- and the bible seems to intentionally preserves it as an enigma -- our judgment will be much more profound and exacting. Good and bad deeds cannot just cancel each other out on some giant scale. Every good act creates an angel -- a force of good -- both in this world and in the next. Likewise, every sin creates a reality of evil which can never be fully ignored. God knew this and as such Jesus was a sacrifice for this problem of sin bad acts against God. Good and evil exist on a plane and in a form unimaginable to us in our finite state. A prosecuting angel, once brought into existence, carries with it a voice of accusation -- one which cannot be stilled until some form of rectification is achieved -- whether through repentance, purgatory a Hell on earth or a combination of the two, but our Lord put an end to all of it on the cross. Thank you Jesus Christ.
There is further significance to the concept of defending and prosecuting angels. Angels -- again, base on the little we truly know of them -- are functioning spiritual beings, possessing features and characteristics in some way the spiritual equivalent of the human being. There is an accuser of the brethren testifying at the Heavenly Tribunal in matters concerning God’s children however Jesus handles this lawless one by closing his mouth in an ideal manner. Our prayers cry to our Lord to intercede in all things pertaining to man. Our defending Jesus speaks of our worthy deeds not answering the contained petty or selfish motives, covered by His blood sacrifice so too -- in ways we can only imagine.
Unfortunately, there are many ulterior motives which find their way into our deeds. We may treat others well for want of their business or some other to return favor -- or simply for the honor we will receive in their eyes. We may perform a ritual going to church on Christmas or Passover to satisfy someone -- with little thought of its true significance. Deeds which are empty of meaning -- or full of ulterior motives -- will create building material for your mansion which will be little better than non at all.
If we were lucky enough to be judged with a simple set of heavenly scales, perhaps a sincere deed would weigh ten pounds while an insincere one would way one. It would be better than nothing. As God's true justice dictates, however, an impure or wrongly motivated deed may literally be powerless to truly defend us. The story of the ten talents will hold true as we will receive of God reward if we do not bury our talent or the work of a good deeds in the ground with an excuse.
For this reason, we mentioned once in our past that it is far more beneficial for our spiritual growth to focus on one or a few of Jesus commandments. First to love God with your whole heart, mind, and soul; and the second to love your neighbor as you’re self. All the law and the prophet’s sayings hang on these words. We should make sure we do at least one thing well -- with forethought, reflection and devotion. It could mean taking a single prayer from the prayer book and reciting it with sincere devotion. Or it could be a matter of taking a single good quality -- say honesty -- and upholding it with uncompromising dedication. Or it could be some very small act of sacrifice like a small fast.
And such acts of sacrifice and commitment will serve us well when we one day stand before our Maker -- very possibly better than thousands of repetitive acts of empty ritual. Sometimes a single act of devotion and altruism may make an entire life worthwhile (and for that it's never too late). "Whether one does much or little, so long as he directs his heart towards God’s Heaven and the King who rules there, Jesus Christ". I believe in guardian angels sent to the children of God to protect them and I know that God will release His mighty powers to those who know His truth, and God’s family past history.
By history I mean the reason why Jesus came the first time. Armed with this knowledge any Christian is meat for the Masters Use, and part of a much bigger picture. Mt. 13:31-32 No angel of Gods will make his abode in a bush of unbelief of what I’m telling you. The tree must be a strong tree however, (Mt. 7:17 Mt. 13:8 Mt. 21:21) in order to work the miracles that will glorify God.

We are spiritual trees, (Jn. 9:32 Mk. 8:24) with roots reaching deep in the good ground (Mt. 13:8) of the soil of the kingdom of God. (Mt. 17:20-21) Miracles signs and wonders will be worked when everything breaks down, but don’t despair the Creator will be there to make a way where there is no way. What we see in the natural is in the Spirit our finest hour. (Mt. 16:16-17)

HISTORY: The red sea parted, rocks flowed with water, and manna came from nothing, it will happen again for the people of God. God is faithful. (Acts 6:5-8) Faith in Gods truth and being filled with Gods Spirit is the holy power to overcome any of mans, or the devils plan. God has made everything you see, and you would have to be completely looney to think that anyone or thing could overcome God. Israel and all of Gods people will overcome by the words of truth and that is to testify of the greatness of Gods word.

King David knew his God and did mighty exploits. Why do some Christians think God has changed? The word of God says that the world will be given over to strong delusions and it has come to pass. Liberals are so looney without anything to show them any truthful way. We I believe will have a little more of this madness, and it will change to our betterment. We must not waver on truth and be strong with great courage in the face of what is coming.

It will be there for us as well as Israel. It’s going to get ugly, but God is with us who could be against us. God will not give us more than we can take without supplying all of our needs through Christ who will strengthen us for such a time as this. Iron sharpens Iron and we need each other so when one stumbles the other can pick them up. Acknowledge God daily in prayer. (Lu.11:2-4) God bless you and yours. I’m still here and so are you and it should be a great ride to the glory of God.
All is well we have a Captain who knows with Almighty eternal direction of where and what will become of us His people and its all going to happen by His Grace.
Blessings Steven

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