Season Of Releasing

Now is the time! This is the moment, the day, the year, and the Season. The Season Of Releasing! The FATHER wants to release to us as corporately and individually more than what we could ever think or imagine. I want to share with you the most recent prophecy, vision and WORD HOLY GHOST has given to me.

“Now is the time! This is the moment, the day, the year, and the Season. The Season Of Releasing! MY desire is to release upon MY people abundance, an abundance of Rain and Fire. I will teach those who will follow after ME to trust in ME. I will be the stretcher of their faith. Anything that is not of faith will be consumed.

I call upon MY people to come out of their Egypts. I call upon MY people to repent! I have shown MY people many signs and wonders so that their faith in ME would grow and that they would know that I AM GOD! I AM the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I Am GOD WHO instructed every step for MOSES to take in delivering my people. MY people followed MY FIRE wherever I led them. Moses not only followed my FIRE, but because of his faith and obedience to ME, I permitted him to step into the very presence of MY HOLINESS, MY FIRE!

In faith, take the step into MY FIRE. Although there will be pain to the flesh, know that I AM with you. As you step into MY HOLY FIRE, I will cut off and consume the flesh so that your spirit can receive what I have for you. Here in MY FIRE, I will consume all that gets in the way of our intimate relationship. Here in MY FIRE, I will pour over you MY ANOITING RAIN. This RAIN will refresh you with an abundance of MY LIVING WATER. MY HOLY FIRE will sear MY ABUNDANCE in you. MY ABUNDANCE will flow over you, into you and through you so that your cup will be filled to overflowing so that you will be used as a vessel in MY hands to flow into the lives of those around you for MY NAMES sake!

In this place I will pour out MY SPIRIT upon you like none have ever seen before! The same SPIRIT that raised MY SON will manifest in you in such ways that even you will be astonished at what I choose to do through you.

In this Season Of Releasing, it is all about ME! Man can NOT attempt to raise himself above ME. In order for ME to release the many things I have for YOU as my Corporate Bride and my individual members of my Body, I require a releasing from you! This requirement is essential to the outpouring I have. Your must NOT hesitate in releasing to me everything! I require all that you have. I require you to surrender to me all that you think you lack in and all that you know you lack in. I require you to be completely free flowing in ME. This can only be done when MY people have repented of their own sins and NOT looking at the lives or the supposed sins of others to judge them for where they are.

To have an intimate relationship with ME, you must know that there is NO room for any other! MY intimate relationship requires complete surrender to MY HOLINESS. Anything that tries to enter into the Intimate Relationship I have with you is a Spirit of Perversion. At the moment this spirit enters in, MY intimacy with you will have ceased! I AM a jealous GOD! In stepping into MY FIRE, you must step and leave everything behind. MY people must make the decision to step. Once my people make the step into MY HOLINESS, I will carry them in the center of MY HOLY FIRE. I will carry you everywhere I need you. I will completely surround you in MY MOST HOLY LOVE. I will protect you from the grasp of the enemy. I will raise you up above the Shadows of Despair. While walking in MY FIRE, Darkness will not walk away, Darkness will not slither away or linger; Darkness will be pierced and he will suddenly flee! While you are walking in my HOLY FIRE just like the three Hebrew Children did, your joy will be full and the physical world as you once knew will cease to exist. You will then see everything through MY eyes. Nothing will exist but you and ME united in HOLY FELLOWSHIP!

Many out of hunger will come closer to ME for a more personal and intimate relationship. Their hunger will be filled like never before. These are the chosen that have heeded MY call and will overcome the enemy! I will impart to them many gifts, which will draw many to ME. The cares of this life will be of no concern. They will see and hear in the Spirit more than what most can hear in the physical. In MY PRESENCE I will fine-tune everything. I will enhance every tool needed for the warfare. MY people will use the full body of Armour as I have designed it to be… never to be taken off or set to the side because of ease of pleasure. MY people will continue in all things watching while praying. Miracles and many more miracles will come to pass in order to meet the needs of MY people. I will manifest MYSELF in many ways so that the entire world will know that I AM GOD!

This Season of Releasing also works in the opposite of what MY perfect will is. There will also be those who will try to get into MY HOLY FIRE PRESENCE while holding onto their gods of Egypt. These gods or spirits of EGYPT are:

  • Religion
  • Self Service
  • Perversion
  • Materialism
  • Sexual Perversion
  • Slumber
  • Pride
  • Hate
  • Disbelief
  • Gossip
  • And all manner of wickedness

As they step closer toward ME, the weight of the idols will become unbearable to carry. The weight will just come short of tearing them in two. In this crucial time a decision MUST be made to let go and follow ME or let ME go and follow the enemy and the idols he has placed in their lives.

I will not force anyone to make the decision to follow ME. However, I will prepare the way of the true righteous ones, every step made in faith, is ordered by ME! I will never leave you or forsake you. Always remember, I have chosen you as MY people.”

Then the LORD brought back several Scriptures in HOSEA. Continuing to bring focus upon Hosea 1:2.

Hosea 1:2 (King James Version)

2The beginning of the word of the LORD by Hosea. And the LORD said to Hosea, Go, take unto thee a wife of whoredoms and children of whoredoms: for the land hath committed great whoredom, departing from the LORD.

Then the LORD continued to speak.

“MY Bride for to long has whored herself out to the enemy. The alarm is now sounding! The time to awaken from your lustful sleep is now! MY anointing breaks all yokes. Come to ME now. Be completely sold out to ME. Make MY desires your desires. I yearn to be intimate with you. Release everything over to me. Be one with ME.

In place of Religion, I give you my Salvation. In place of Self Service, I give you Self Sacrifice. In place of Perversion, I give you MY TRUTH. In Place of Materialism, I will be JEHOVAH JIREH, your only TRUE PROVIDER! In place of Sexual Perversion, I give you an Intimate Relationship with ME. In place of Slumber, I give you MY Perfect Rest. In place of Pride, I give you MY MEEKNESS for you will inherit the earth. In place of Hate, I give you MY ENDLESS LOVE. In place of Disbelief, I give you MY MEASURE OF FAITH; the barrel of MY MEAL or the CRUZE of MY OIL will never run dry. In place of Gossip, I give you MY WORD; I will never falter or fail. In place of All Manner of Wickedness, I give you the ability to overcome, for you are MORE than a Conqueror!

In this Season Of Releasing, I AM pouring out MY SPIRIT like never before. The more MY people Release to ME, the more I AM able to release to MY people. As MY people release to ME, I will pour in the Balm Of Gilead to heal the infractions the enemy has caused and will replace seven fold what the enemy has stolen from you. The abundance I give to you is beyond anything you can ever ask or imagine. Seek ME today while I can be found and all these things shall be added unto you.

The Enemy has had you shackled far to long in his grip. You have been lying in the cold dark dungeon of his slumber as if you had no way out. You have given up and have forgotten to declare the works of the LORD your GOD! I declare to you that MY WORD IS LIFE! Know who you are in ME. Get off of the cold floor and take a stand. You are my precious children. I have made you to be over comers. Your faith as you stand will make you whole and your faith will increase. When you make the stand right where you are, the chains will clang to the cold floor making the captive set FREE and the captor captive! Satan is defeated! Now make the step toward ME!

Making this step to me puts you safely into MY FIRE! As I carry you through the halls of the dungeon of the Enemy, Speak out your testimony. There will be many that need to hear what I have brought you out of. Speaking MY WORD Of DELIVERANCE will begin to crumble the walls that the enemy has erected in your life. As I carry you out over the crumbling walls MY PEACE will completely surround you. Joy will come like a flood! You will NOT be able to contain it! The lightness your spirit will feel will help you understand the freedom you now walk in. Many will know and see the difference, but will not be able to fully understand because of the blinders the Enemy has placed upon them. There will be some that will appear to be with you, but will soon depart because I have many things to impart to you that they can not be a part of or try to take credit for. I will mold you in MY MOST HOLY FIRE. I will pour out MY LIVING WATER upon you to keep you refreshed. MY ANOITING IS FOREVER UPON YOU! MY GIFTS AND CALLINGS ARE WITHOUT REPENTANCE!”

This concludes what the LORD wants me to share with you. I pray that each Child of GOD raises up to HIS call. As JESUS said to Lazarus, “COME FORTH!”

Raising HIS banner!


Michael Blankenship

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