Serious walk with G-d testimony (Check it out)
I teach Judaism ...however I have been told by a group moderator even though I teach correctly my color is wrong so nobody will listen to me...go fig.

so after three years here on BPN
I thought that this woman,... an Ordained Christian pastor,... decided to go to YIsrael and see the real deal...

PLEASE:::Do Not Miss this exciting and most remarkable woman of G-d..

She had me in Awe and in tears with her testimony

Let us know Shalom Enjoy your journey<>J&T ShekinahLife

Pass this to a friend

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Comment by ShekinahLife on March 18, 2011 at 1:54am
This is too much Testimony for most christians

They cannot handle the Torah as truth they need a Middle man before them and G-d. AFRAID ( Deuteronomy 5:v5) to confront that which sent them to do a good work.

YHVH is all there is folks.... You and YHVH.
Comment by ShekinahLife on April 17, 2010 at 12:47am
Toda Rabah...for joining, reading and contributing to the success of YHVH's group~

Always remember the Master creator never misses a is best to be on your best behavior with Neighbors as well as friends~even better learn to love yourself so that the Master (HaShem) can love you all the more.

ABBA once spoke to me regarding that very issue and stated a person who has never experienced personal Love will never know the fullness of My Love for them.

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