Setting up Evangelist Departments in our local churches

God bless each and everyone of you, God's Best.


I'm National Evangelist, Elder Joseph A. Riddick from the State of Indiana.


Being new to this position but old to this occupation, I've found the need to develope Evangelist Departments in our local churches instead of just trying to go out and run Revivals. I feel that we need to do more as well as give more so that we can reach the lost as well as help our Pastors nation wide to do the same.


I come from 35 years in Sales and Management as a CEO, Vice President, Regional Manager, and Consultant. I know the importants of knowing how to present my clients product so that they can reep the most from their service to the client.


We have the Best Product of all but yet lack the skills to present Christ to the unsaved and unchurched. It's time for this to change.


I'm working on a presentation manuel and set-up kit that I will be introducing to our National President, Dr. James Campell and others in the near future so that we that are National Evangelist can begin to teach and train our States Evangelist, which in turn will teach their District Evangelist, whom in turn will help their District Pastors to train, teach, and set up local departments in their churches.


I request your prayers and your support for the success of this ministry once this program is approved and implemented.


Your's in Christ,



Elder Joseph Riddick/ National Evangelist COGIC



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Comment by Evangelist Cookie Hunter on July 19, 2011 at 1:07pm

What a wonderful concept! Although i am not COGIC, i am a Child of the King! and i feel this information could be used by all of the Body of Christ! Please keep in touch.

God bless you hands at all you do!

Evangelist Cookie Hunter

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