We are living in a time of silenceing,a time where the devil wants to silence the true believers.A time where popularity overrides the word of GOD. We are living in the last days, where people are more afraid of the way people perceive them
than they are of the impending judgement .That awaits a perverse,unholy,unsaved,wicked generation.A time where the true phrophett is not allowed to speak, for fear the devil will be exposed clearing out the church'es therefore leaveing the collection plates empty.A time where it is more exceptable to embrace the enemy,to learn to just live with him rather than exposeing him for being the lier,and carrier of death that he is.But instead of speaking out against the enemy we say that he has no power,and allow him to fill the church'es Sunday after Sunday with homosexuals,and all kinds of demonic spirits.Meanwhile the devil gains more ground ,while more and more of GOD'S people are being deceived.The enemy has disguised himself in the form of Pastors,Apostles, Evangelist, Phrophetts,who rob and steal,some even murder all in the name of the LORD.We have turned GOD'S house into a house of mockery, a place where the enemy no longer feels threatened.But is safe and secure in his misleading of the people.The church has abandoned the cross in order to preach prosperity, and financiel gain.GOD has said run to him where there is safety and protection.Stop looking to man for the answers ,Put your faith and you're trust only in GOD he says assemble yourselves ,all my truely anointed no longer be afraid to speak the truth for I am forever with you. And with all boldness preach repentance of sins,stand strong in your faith remembering that I am your strenghth .No longer be silent !!

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