I want to ask the question about the Silent woman, I call my self the silent Woman, I attended a church for over six years, and I went in as a hurting woman, and I came out as the hurting woman, I went in with one kind of hurt and came out with another kind of hurt .

This time it were the church hurt, has any one every been there? I were excited because a lot of women were in this church and I thought I could find sisterhood here, I thought that we could bond together and do the church things. Sad to say it never happen, First of all they did not know me or my situation, they did not know that at that time the only dress I owned were the one I had on, they did know that the only pair of shoes, I had were the ones I wore, they did not know the hurt, I had inside of me. All I wanted to do is find some friends, and be a sister.

As time went on I began to pray a lot, and praise a lot, and God began to help me get back up again.
He began to bless me, not that it is about clothing, but; I went from being the worst dress woman at chruch to the best dress woman at church, this made it even worst, they already were not speaking to me from the start, but; it got even worst, I tried to show them, even though God had bless me with some clothing, I were still the same person, that walked thru the doors six years ago, the hurt woman, but know one ever got to know me. They knew my name but not me, I did not even know some of their names
al I knew is I began to get my praise back, and my prayer life back, and God has bless me to get up.

So I started to try to help other sisters in the church get up too, as God bless me , I would buy clothing for the other women that did not have and were in need of clothing, I want to help other women who looked bad, have nice clothing when they came to church. and still have their praise. I would take off my hat, kick off my shoes, still praise God, some time when the spirit was upon me I would shout untill holes came in my panty hose, and still did not care. I let them know tht even though I were now the dress up hurt woman, that God had given me back my praise. They were still not friendly at all so many sundays, and wednesday, and Saturdays,it were the same old thing, no friends at church, I stop praying for them, and stop trying to reach out, to them, because there no communication with them out side of the church, I only saw them, on church days, other than that nothing.

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