God Bless everyone that subscribes to the BPN. I want to help some of our members, Churches and families to survive
these hard economical times, if you feel your all by yourself, don't believe it. When people are out of work it effects
hundreds of other people! "rent does not get paid, landlord can't pay the mortgage, the supermarket has to lay off people and cut back on their ordering products, utilities don't get paid, the phone company gets no money, no car payments, can't pay your insurance, can't pay the doctor, cut back on the foods you can buy, no movies, no basic entertainment, tithes are down, no money for the building fund, child support don' get paid, no new cloths and it goes on and on.
I want to help, you can do like we have done as a fund raiser and to keep our ministry going
.God Bless You
Bishop D. Ashlock

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