I want to say thank you to all of you that responded to Part one of this post. I appreciated all of the comments whether they were good or bad, sweet or bitter. I welcome all suggestions, comments or critics because it brings awareness to the mindset of my valued readers.

This response is to clear the air and to make sure that I make my intentions known to all. The blog was intended to raise awareness not to attack anyone or their site. If I’m a member of your site then that means that you haven’t failed me, when members start leaving that’s when you start becoming concerned. I posed the following questions concerning social networks on the previous post:

1. Does the network description, mission or purpose match what is actually happening?
2. Do you receive feed back and information from site manager, group leaders etc?
3. Are the groups active? Meaning is there a discussion thread started at least once a week?
4. Is the network administrator accessible?
5. The blogs, are they informative and submitted daily? (Versus Just marketing holes)

These were just questions to think about, I still feel that they are valid as a voluntary member of all ning sites. As a member and network administrator I have expectations, it’s a two-way street. Now if your site is a private group that you reign over, then yes you may have a dictatorship and then that site may not be for everyone. However the sites that I administrate are meant to be community based, meaning everyone is important and valued. For if you have a membership site and you have no members…what purpose would that serve?

So with that said, my points are intended for my members too, I want to be held to a standard and would hope that my other network administrators should feel the same way. It’s not to say that if you don’t meet all those areas that you have a bad site or you’re not doing your job, it’s just something to think about. Maybe you are too busy in your offline life. Some suggestions may be to elicit group leaders or site administrators. And of course essentially it is your site, to do as you please with it and by all means I respect anyone’s wishes, I’m really easy to get along with...

However tonight I was ask to leave someone’s network because of that blog and to be honest I had never had a conversation with her before, no welcome to the site, nothing. You can’t please everyone and you will die trying. I feel I have a voice and I will not be muzzled but I have enough humility to know when to say maybe I should have been clearer with my intentions. Maybe I should have reworded that etc…

I only named a few sites because I did not want to make a long list and leave out 3 sites and those administrators would have thought I was talking about them. I’m a member of 40+ sites and I was a member of 50+ I already left the ones that I was talking about. I would never get on a persons site and post a blog attacking them that would be so rude and just plan wrong.
In addition let it be known what a blog is:

“A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is “blogging” and someone who keeps a blog is a “blogger.” Source

So when reading a blog please understand that they are meant to inform, entertain, encourage or provoke thought. But at the end of the day their just a person’s personal views, ideas and blurbs. Now if the person is a verifiable expert on that subject matter then that is when you can make there blog semi-law and still there is room for flaws. Don’t be so quick to condemn them. For blogging is just my way of expression and it profits me nothing to offend anyone; that would be counterproductive.
May we all work together to create the environments that we desire.

This Coach Richetta, until the next time be empowered to greatness!

Coach Richetta
Empowering Women: “One Lady at a Time”

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