Ephesians 6

Battlefield: is the place where the battle is fought.

Warfare: the battle or the conflict

There are too many Christians on the battlefield, getting hit on the right, left, in mid-section, getting kick from the back, finding themselves lost on the battlefield. The reason why?

They were not ready for warfare. Their minds were not renewed; they skipped the spiritual basic training program or they failed to complete it.

We as Christians are all in the army, but we are not all in the battle. Christian warfare is against more than the natural temptations of the flesh. God’s Word tells us that there is no temptation that comes to us that is uncommon to man. Whatever that thorn in your flesh is, someone before you has had it, and in the Name of Jesus, dealt with it and overcame it. Being born in sin, we have to renew our minds, and break habits and strongholds that are sometimes generations old. But there is some basic training that we have to go through first.

1st week of basic training is called “fall in” into formation
John 17:17 says that we are sanctified (cleanse) through the truth, and that the Word is truth.

2nd week is direction- learn to find your way
2Tim 2:15 study to show thyself approved, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of God, know what the Word says and means.
ICor 2:7-8 for we speak a mystery that the wisdom of this world does not understand.

3rd week they go through endurance tests
Hbr. 12:1 tells us to run this race with patience, laying aside every sin that so easily besets us.

4th week is marksmanship (experience)
Phl. 3:14 Press toward the mark of the high calling. See sometimes we are going to miss the mark. We will sin. But our advocate Jesus Christ is there for us, his blood covering our sins. This is the confidence that we are acquiring.

5th trials- trials and tribulations work patience Rom. 5:3
6th camaraderie
7th confidence
8th victory forge
These three are principals of rejoicing as we come out of our own trials. We learn how to lift each other up in camaraderie because of our confidence in the Lord. A forge is a shaped heated metal, which in the spiritual realm is the Word of God, the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

9th graduation

We graduate to the front line, where we are raging war on the powers in the unseen world against which we are powerless except through the aid of Christ.
See if you believe that God is God, you have to also understand and believe that Satan is Satan using all kinds of spiritual forces to come against the body of Christ.

We have to recognize who the real enemy is! Not your family member, the person you thought was your friend, or the mate that hurt you, satan is our enemy.

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