I got a chance today to minister at a church that I was raised up in. It was an awesome word from the Lord and it was a blessing to those who received it. When you preach and someone is mad at the word, you know you did a good job.

After the service, I went to the office to cool off and get my stuff together. I then went back, had last words and dismissed the service. One of the mothers in the church, who was a relative of the pastor, motioned for me to follow her. At first, I thought she was taking me aside to bless me with a gift, since she was the one that handled the offering. But the Holy Ghost let me know that to stand you ground, it's the enemy! so she sits down in the pastor's chair(wrong move #1) and I sat across from her and she proceeded to ask me about something I said while ministering. When I attempted to explain, she cut me off and started to rebuke me.

When she did, I stopped her, because, as the word stated we are not to rebuke an elders, except in the presence of two or three witnesses. I was also taught that if you are a visiting minister at a church and a member disagrees with something in the message, that minister did not counsel the people or did anything with the people without the presence of the hosting pastor. so I informed her that the conversation could not without the pastor knowing about it. She finally allowed me to call him in and he himself said that he had corrected several times for that. But the part where the title relates is that when i told her what I said, I stood up!

The devil is wrecking our homes, our churches and our lives and we stand back and let him do it! We have to stand our ground, no matter what. We need to stand up and let him know," That's it and that's all! Don't allow the enemy to speak anything in your life that God didn't say. Stand your ground!!

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