I am amazed that after a good downpour, gardens have a natural ability to "suck it up". . .that is the excess water that has fallen. After the downpour, a garden usually looks muddy and messy; a typical result from the effects of a storm.

Although the excess invasion of water appears to be harmful at first, it is actually helping the garden flourish. You see, the excess water seeps into inconspicuous crevices that often materialize when the soil has become hard and dry. Once it enters, it dampens and moisturizes the deep, dry, and unseen dingy places.

We will sometimes experience the downpours of life. At times, it may feel like the water will overflow us, but if we allow the excess watering of God's Word to flood our lives, then we too, like the garden will experience a refreshing that will revive, rejuvenate, and revitalize the deep places of our thirsty souls.

Does your life have the ability to "suck it up"? Allow the rain in your life to eliminate, eradicate, and exterminate the dry and hard elements that cause infertility and unfruitfulness. When you "suck it up", you will begin to encounter a refreshing, restoring, and renewing that will transform your muddled garden into an amazing terrain.

Tilt your heart towards the SON!

Pastor Narda Goodson
First Lady of Whitewright, Texas
Official Website: http://anointedarrowsproductions.org
Social Network: http://christianwomenpredestinedbygod.ning.com/

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