I would like to thank all of those who were in attendance on Sunday. Elder Fulton Parham of Charlotte North Carolina (Sherman Memorial COGIC) truly blessed the hearts of the people with a right now anointed Word. Elder Parham spoke from Romans 12:1, reiterating the sentiments of the Apostle and the Pioneers of old, informing the people of God that it's time to come clean presenting ourselves to God with our whole hearts.

He went on to let God use him in the gift of prophecy saying "The Lord said just as it is raining on the outside, for those of you who are sitting here, in this place and you're dry in spirit , the LORD said that it is going to rain on YOU, in YOUR spirit and it won't be LONG!"

(Saints we need a refreshing from the LORD, we need an outporing of his SPIRIT. We're parked in places in our spirits where we shouldn't park. Some of our spiritual engines are running nuetral, in reverse, or in park, God don't want us parked at a rest stop or at a comfort zone, He wants us to keep moving, there's to be no parking, because its hard for the enemy to hit a moving target).

The Spirit of the Lord also used him in the word of knowledge. There was a person who had tried to end their life several times, who stood up and said "I am ready, ready to give my life to the LORD!" this person REPENTED and gave their life to the LORD along with several youths, praise GOD!

Elder Parham, an man with an anointed word for today, would be a blessing to any church, ministry or fellowship group. For those of you who missed Sunday service and you did not go to your home church or you're not a member of any church missed this man of GOD.

Because of Him Always

Harold Carpenter Sr., Pastor/Evangelist

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