This is the lesson for February 13, 2011; "This Is My Beloved."    Scripture: Mark 9:2-13. 
Six days after Peter had made his infamous statement that "Jesus was the Christ," Peter, James and John were allowed to accompany Jesus up into a high mountain.  Peter, James and John were often afforded the opportunity to go with Jesus.  They were what we would call today the "In crowd."  We all have special people that we connect with, who are  closer to us than others.
While at the mountain, these three saw a marvelous thing.  They saw
Jesus transfigured and talking to Elijah and Moses.  What's so marvelous about this is that, Elijah and Moses both had left the earth realm hundreds of years ago, and yet they were alive and talking (now what do that tell you? Selah).  Jesus had not left the earth (in a sense) as these two men had, but they were all together and talking.  Jesus face was so bright and his garment so white that no bleach could possibly have done it.  It was the whitest white, can you imagine?      
Upon seeing  this wonder, Peter again puts his fist and foot in his mouth.  He wants to build a tabernacle to all three Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. Peter had placed Jesus on the same footing and importance as mere mortal man.  God immediately sents His Shekinah glory cloud to correct this thought pattern of Peter, and a heavenly voice is heard from heaven saying, "This is my beloved Son; hear Him."    
The disciples looked around and Elijah and Moses was gone.  They saw only Jesus.  Sometimes you can open your mouth and speak too soon the wrong things and your vision or blessings can disappear because you put your mouth on it before time.  Sometimes, it's best to be quiet, be silent, don't be to quick to speak about something you don't know or understand.   This whole lesson is about hearing and obeying Jesus only.   Our two cents does not matter, it's in Jesus

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