Greetings Everybody,

You know one of the main issues in the Body of Christ today is the laziness of the saints.

I notice a reocurring statement taking money from the congregation.

Churches are suppose to be industrious. Or own business'. You see if more churches
were set up the right way. Salary for the pastor and anyone else would not be an issue.
When a church owns business', its not just making money for the church but when
members cant find a job the church got one for you (its about ministry and doing good).

Its still about ministry. In todays times the church should be active in the employment
feild. But church folks are lazy. When the pastor wants to expand the church boarders,
the first thing that comes out of most church folks mouth is I aint doing that or we cant do
that. And it makes it hard for a pastor who truely loves Gods work to have 12 spies to
go scout the land and ten come back with a faithless report.

Board members should be people of faith, business savy and with good sense.
As the scripture says mighty men or women that can help the Pastor discern the times.

But hey, if church folks get behind the vision of their local churches. Then expansion
or as the Bible says trading or doing business, your local church would flourish.

But Church folk think it can be done because they limit God to their short sighted, limited
situation and the way they think. God is bigger than you think.

Like it or not, church is a business. If Ford or GM can expand and be industrious, why cant
the church. When a church start doing business in a Godly manner of course, salaries are
a non issue.

Churches are non-profit corporations with guidelines to be set up a certain way where
there should be no anxiety about money.

Oh there will be challenges but we walk by faith and not by sight.

Pastoring is not just a spiritual profession but it is a much needed earthly prfession as well.

In Christ
Pastor R. Phillips

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Comment by Bishop Derrick Day on February 2, 2011 at 6:30pm
Revelation thinking, Brother Pastor. He who has ears, let them hear...

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