DAILY DEVOTIONAL:John 8:7"He who is without sin among you,let him cast the first stone.SIS/BROS I see this all the time.The Holy rollies looking down on people and they have all kind of bones in their closets. Some People watch my every move waiting to cast a stone just because I choose to be sold out for Christ.So guess what I tell it first on me,I do not give Satan the joy of that over my life.SIS/BROS trying to find fault in the sin of others,God wants you to be reminded of how important it is for you to take a look at your own dirt and then be quite.See God wants us to deal with our own sin before we evaluate anyone else.I still love that song by The William Brothers "Sweep Around Your Own Front Door".So the next time someone try to judge you just say "Sweep Around Your Own Front Door". SIS/BROS God do not want us playing the "gotcha" game in another person sins.Trying to catch people in bad behavior it makes them live a life of continually being on guard and defensive.Unfortunately,playing "gotcha" validates ones lack of trust in others because all of us make mistakes.Trying to catch people in acts of misbehavior makes you like the verse for today.Instead of inspiring others to be better,climb higher in Christ,and go further in their life,playing "gotcha"can keep reminding others they cannot be better,climb higher in Christ,and go further.

DAILY INSPIRATIONAL:SIS/BROS we are to be witnesses to the love,power,and compassion of God. If we spend our life trying to catch people in their sins,the people we catch will not see the love,power,and compassion of God in us.See SIS/BROS the more time one spend trying to catch others in sinful behavior,the greater the chance they will also fall into sinful behavior.

DAILY PRAYER:Forgive me,Father God,for my sins.Forgive me,especially Father,for the sin of a critical and judgmental spirit.It is not up to me to judge anyone.Lord deliver me from such hurtful and evil habits, forgive me of my sins,and please create in me a clean heart oh Lord.In Jesus Name.Amen.

P.S.SIS/BROS Remember he who angers you controls you.When tempers grow hot,Christianity grows cold. Never argue with a fool.Someone watching may not be able to tell the difference.Anger is one letter short of danger.Only what you do for Christ will last.A sword is only as good as its edge,the sharper the edge the better for battle.In the name of Jesus I speak LIFE into every dead situation.NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU WILL PROSPER.HAVE A BLESSED DAY IN THE LORD NOT SATAN.LOVE SWORD4THELORD

By SWORD4THELORD Copyright © 2009 LARRAINE CHARLESTON ,All rights reserved

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Comment by Prophetess Dr. Teloria Williams on August 3, 2010 at 12:21pm
Praise Him! God said that people will know us by the Love that we show to one another in the body of Christ . If we are effectively doing what we are called to do , praying without ceasing being helpers to the brethren, uplifting and encouraging each other-there is little room to bash someone else. This means that you are cutting into your sanctified life with cares for the world. Time is running out . God is looking for the remnant He said he would come back for. He is waiting on the body to get right. we will either Get right or Get left behind. It is not a statement that requires a genius to comprehend. Let's wake up and get a check up from the neck up. Free the mind and the rest WILL FOLLOW>God Bless!-Pastor Teloria Williams Holy GHost Powerhouse
Comment by Spirit on May 4, 2010 at 8:23am
Amen. I am in a situation where I have been praying for the other person, JUST to have GOD reveal in ME what needed to be changed. When it comes to people and relationships, God is looking for who is willing to change, not who's right and who's wrong. This was a great post.

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