Its been said that a man ain't supposed to cry. Many of us had that beaten into us one way or another. Some of our mothers beat it into us. Some fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, the streets,the farm, the school systems, the city, county, state and federal prisons. So many false impressions are hammered into our young peoples' minds until empathy and compassion are seen as handicaps among our young men. You are not supposed to look back at your history of whippings, lynchings, castrations (physical & mental), discrimination, inequality, injustice, denial of human rights, sterilization, dehumanization. Red-lined living conditions. Mis-education, a system that guarantees that if you can't reach a 4th grade reading level there will be a jail cell with your name written on it. No...chokehold those tears while you acknowledge that you don't stand a chance, and neither do your children. Don't forget your unborn grandchildren. Don't weep, it ain't manly. Black on black crime is still the highest in the world. Between the United States and the continent of Africa we do a far better job of killing each other and ourselves than we would allow anyone else to. Don't weep, you're a man. There are those among us so frustrated by our inabilities that they beat their children, and the mothers of their children before the eyes of our sons. What kind of men do we expect to produce. Our daughters look for thugs to date, mate and breed with. We have strayed so far from God that for many of us it takes a long stretch in the penitentiary to realize that God, Jah, Allah or whatever name you chose for the Supreme Deity suits your taste. By then you are branded. You either have so much time that you'll never get out, or you get out and the tag "felon" haunts you for the rest of your life (even when you really want to do right). Don't ain't manly! The only way to God is with a humble heart. Let us go to the Lord right now in pray...Father God, please touch the hearts & minds of all who read this that we may make an effort to change the direction of at least one person's life. Let us be instruments to bring Your divine Light into the heart of some person who may not know You. Lord, help us to humbly recognize that the devil has beaten us at a fight that only You are equipped to battle. Touch the heart of each and every reader that they may pass this along to someone who will share the unselfish spirit of your Love. Lord, help them to feel free to weep even if it is for the first time in their lives. Forgive us Lord, for straying so far from you that we have to be beaten so badly to understand that it is within You that we must place our complete trust. Let us gather in places of worship like never before. Help our young parents turn to You for the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to raise our children as You would have us. And Lord, increase the light of those who are already on Your path. Let their boldness reach greater heights of visibility that we may be the Light that you have placed within us. And finally, Lord, we don't want our men to be cry babies, but we ask that you place in them a new heart that is capable of Love, Honor and a sincere commitment to do what is right. If the occasion calls for tears Lord let us be man enough to let them flow. In Jesus name, Amen.

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