Sometimes called the Mountains of Gelboe, is a mountain range overlooking the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel (See Armageddon or Har Megiddo )Gilboa means bubbling after a fresh spring there.
Four significant battles were fought there :
The battle of Kishon ( In Biblical the meaning of the name Kishon is: Hard, sore) in which Deborah and Barak defeat the forces of Sisera (
Judges 4-5)
The Battle of Jezreel - when Gideon took three hundred men and defeated the Medians (Judges 7)
The battle of Gilboa - Where King Saul and his sons were cut down by Philistines (I Sam 31: 1-7)
The Battle of Megiddo where King Yoshiah (Joshia) was killed by Pharaoh Neco (II Kings 23:29)
Jezreel is often nicknamed "The Valley of Decision"in deed we can go to that "Fresh Spring" or head to a hard sore place of trial and torment. The call of the prophet rings out "Choose your selves who you will serve , YHWH or Mammon , Baal or any numerous false gods. The gods of our ancestors cared little for this world let alone us. There is a growing current of desire to return to these false entities. 
YHWH cared enough to provide for us a way of escape, a hope of future and a promise of freedom ... so choose as did another prophet let us see who answers when called upon

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