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Historically black folks, even going back to pre-america slavery the black nation has traditionally told its own story. We however, now listen to the wrong voices and echo the words of failure, death and demise as if it is true about who we are, what we can be and where we are going. Fox news, Vh1, MTV and a host of media (owned by white men) who have no concern about the plight of Black America and its destiny allow and in some cases dictate that words,images,sounds and acts of failure, death and stupidity continually broadcast.

It is time for Black America to begin to be its own positive voice from, family to family, community to community, city to city and nation to nation. We should rise in one voice and declare that we are a great people, with great minds, with great vision, great ability and greatness within. The Black community is powerful. We can own, operate and control great businesses and institutions that do not demean us, our women, children or men.

I write this blog not to minimize our brothers and sisters of other races but to cause people within the black community to think. The word reminds us that death and life are in the power of the tongue. We must begin to speak life over our community. We must teach our children to speak life and not derogatory words that diminish us. These words are unacceptable.

Please share your thoughts....

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