The blessings of God overtaking the children of God

In this hour, the Lord is saying I'm getting ready to bless my children in unexpected ways, through unexpected sources. He is saying that inspite of everything that is going on in the world around us - I'm going to take my children to a place of peace, strength, joy and abundance like never before.

The wrath of God is being poured out on those who walk in disobedience, but for those who will obey me in all things - you are getting ready to reap a harvest. He is saying that it's time for my children to begin to enjoy life, to stop worrying, to stop allowing the enemy to bluff us. We need to know that according to Romans 8:37 that the Bible tells us that: in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. So it doesn't matter what you may be going through right now, it doesn't even matter what you are dealing with - what matters is that God is saying you will make it through.

The storms may have been raging in the lives of the children of God, but God is saying today that the storm has passed over and that the sun is about to shine on everything concerning you. To receive it, you have to believe it. At this point what do you have to loose by believeing God, by trusting God? You can see that you've been doing your own thing to no avail, to no change which lead to frustration, disappointment.

So why not go ahead and praise him today, your break through is here, your break through is now.

According to Deut.16:15b God is letting us know he is getting ready to make our joy complete. Everything we need, everything we've been believing him for, every promise that has been lingering is getting ready to be made complete. Everything concerning you is getting ready to come into alignment with the Word of God.

Stay focused, don't allow the enemy to distract you and wait I say on the Lord..

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