While the people of God are playing Church steeped in Religious
activities and patting ourselves on the back, for perfect attendance
and being very actively involved ( which is good in its place). Yet
God is not pleased, for He is and has been calling His people to
get His house in order by His divine order! The Church is misaligned
having everything in place, but not by God's design!

This could be our last and final warning, for the Kingdom of God is
at hand: and Jesus, who is soon to return for His bride, not the four
walls, no not the building you and I worship in. "You." You are the
Church. We are misaligned, not doing and in some cases not even
knowing our Kingdom assignment. We are so busy playing Church
and doing our own thing. The Church is misaligned ( we are the Church),
and each of us would be wise to stop! Take a few moments and ask our
selves this question. " If God was to call my soul away at this very minute,
am I really prepared to stand at the judgment bar ? " Let us ask ourselves
How many souls have we led to Christ ? We must change the way we do
things for God. Yes, we excel in doing things and in looking good. Yet
God desires our whole heart. He says to us in the book of Jeremiah 29:13
" And ye shall seek, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all
your heart." We have been half stepping all of our lives. Today make a
decision to go all the way with God. Following Jesus example, having
an intimate relationship with Abba Father communion with Him saying
and doing only what He is saying and doing. For God loves all of His
children. His Word speaks to us this time from Romans 5:8 saying "But
God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us." Don't you think its " high time we stop sinning, confessing,
and then sinning again ? "

The Church is misaligned take heed, God is setting His house you and me
in order. Let us take heed and repent with godly sorrow, while we still have
time, For the day is fast approaching and it is not a pretty sight, the judgment
of God is even at our door! Everything that is misaligned in our lives must
come under divine alignment. This brings us back to our prayer lives and
the way we treat God. Each of us must have a consistent prayer life. We must
know the Word of God, yes each of us must study, and meditate upon the
scripture. The Word must become en grafted in our hearts so that we will not
sin against God. We must have the mind of Christ to do our Heavenly Father's
perfect will walking in the light of Jesus! We will have fellowship with one
another then we will begin to do Kingdom Business, becoming Kingdom minded
we will do what Jesus said in Luke 19:13, " Occupy till I come. " When we
yield ourselves completely to God everything that is misaligned in our lives.
He brings it under divine alignment, as a result "You" the Church through
Jesus Christ will impact people's lives, making a difference! Are you willing
to make a difference in the side of the vineyard that God has planted you ?
The Church is misaligned.....you are the Church!!!!

Written By : Margaret C Mullings

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