(Galatians 5:22-23)

Why do I have to be different? Why do I have to look at things and deal with things differently? Ask yourself, why can I not be like everyone else and say what is on my mind? Why can I not do everyone, just as bad as they do me? Why do my standards, have to higher than the next person? These are just a few of the question that run though our minds and comes out of our mouths. The answer is in what we’re supposed to have. It is not in what we don’t have. It resides in the presence of the spirit, which is to be working in us all. God gave us His spirit so that we’re not only being lead by it but to possess the character or the characteristics of the spirit of God. In all of this, are difference that we all must show, all that we must give and all that we must possess. Look at yourself and see if these characteristics are being shown everyday of your life. Wake up everyday and say to yourself that you’re going to show more of what God has placed inside of you. Show the love. Show the joy. Show the peace. Show the longsuffering. Show the gentleness. Show the goodness. Show the self-control and when you make this point to be done everyday, you will see that there is no other life that you could ever possess. There is no other life that you can have but a life that has the fruits of the spirit working in it. Take the spirit and show the difference.

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