The Fountain That Poured Blood
The darkness of Death and hell flames no more shall haunt my soul. My refuge the Almighty God, The fountain that cried Gods blood I rise unto thee by grace. Sing the glory of thy God; Slaughter through the children, who lives by the laws of the sinful land. The fountains pour blood, as the father sit within the rivers of the forgotten son. Oh thy God forgive thee, of thy brother’s sin. Slaughtered by love, the serpent weeps. The almighty God has caged the beast that tramples on his precious jewels. Salvation I cry unto thee.
The arms open with the blood of thy tears.
The head that once was crowned with love, now wears the horns of his jealousy and hate. The fountain that poured blood Is humble as the word repent; Every Knee shall kneel, and every tongue shall confess.
Excels the serpent gold roars his own song The followers of the earth sings of roars; That boost the rich of thy bereaving souls, the spider borrow from the dove, portions of the unjust still the sinners gold. Stolen gifts from the given heart; The serpent stills from the dove. Stolen gifts from the giving heart, gives within
Human kindness turns no man away.

The sword of the tongue, defames, slandering the gifts of a kind heart, Thou ready tongue of slander, declares the scorns to men. Thou feet’s shall never walk the golden gates. When sinners fall, the righteous shall stand. Stain glass windows reflect the scorns of the tongue. Thy that fall shall rise again.

The righteous the humble and the meek Implementing source of humanity through human kindness, delete powers of imitations, the words of the serpent that waits in the darkness, masqueraded as the words of thy almighty God. Succumbing to the bitterness will be slapped by self within ones on right hand. Violence character to seek an humiliates conversely shall link not with dirty hands. Demands of justice the telescope of Satan demands, The goodness of thy heart fears changes, status quotas of visibility.
Vitality that keeps life breathing Thou shall confess thou pride of hate, when justice sets a place for thee, sinners fall an the righteous shall stand before the pouring fountains of thy blood. I Turn me gracefully. Chalice speaks the blossom skies of veils. Thou blood covers thy feet; I who have stood and prayed in the summonsed of calm.

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